Modern Minimalist Thanksgiving Tablescape: The Finished Project

Monday, November 28, 2016

It's here! A full look at the completed table project.

A word about decorating style: I'm definitely a minimalist when it comes to decor, and I always prefer to have some sort of white peeking through - more light and earthy than your typical Thanksgiving look. Because of that, it can sometimes end up looking more Christmas than Thanksgiving. If your style is similar, you may have come across this problem before, so I thought I'd also share a few tips how to stay minimalist and fresh with your Thanksgiving tablescape, without looking too Christmassy too early! (because there's plenty of time for that post-Thanksgiving, yeah? :)

1. earthy tones
Earthy tones, like a brown paper runner, are simple enough to be minimalist while maintaining an autumnal, rather than wintery, effect.

2. vegetables
Incorporating shellacked vegetables - even if you have to spray paint them to match the color scheme - is a great way to keep things feeling autumnal. Nothing says "Thanksgiving" quite like pumpkins and beautifully bumpy squash! I'm loving these little corn-bunches I found at Publix...

3. stay away from green
Too much greenery tends to give off a more Christmassy vibe; instead, I like to go for complimenting colors like plum, magenta, red...

4. classy elements
...finish the look with polish. Of course, rustic-style is beautiful too, so it's really down to what you're going for! In my case, I used cornflower-blue printed china and a damask white tablecloth for something a bit more elegant. Dried roses add to the decayed-elegance feel.

Cheers, and happy Monday! Xx


  1. This is so beautiful! I love how the handwriting at each place turned out - question, where you'd find such a vast roll of brown paper? And where the heck did you get the pretty holly utensils?

    1. Thanks, Rachel! The roll of brown paper is just regular old wrapping paper from Michaels (biggest roll we could find), and the holly utensils are unfortunately my mom's from wayyyy back when she and my dad got married. I found the set on eBay ( - just beware, they are a little pricey due to their age/etc. :)

  2. Carmel! The table looks amazing! And your photos came out so nice (I literally snapped a few on the phone as guests were streaming in...whoops!) A lovely mix of modern and classic. LOVE the splashes of pink, handwritten place cards and pumpkins! (Is a holiday even a holiday without spray paint?) ((hugs))

    1. Brianna, thank you! Yeah, I set extra early so I could catch golden hour with the photos before everyone sat down. ;)
      Thank you, thank you! I love that you appreciate these little things. :)

      And nope, it's not a holiday - or even a birthday, for that matter - without spray paint. XD


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