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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Well, it's finally Autumn over here in the south! In fact, I'm pretty sure we skipped Autumn and went right to winter...

Despite realizing that I'm painfully low on sweaters for this kind of weather (stay tuned for the cure of that! ;) I've also discovered that I'm not such a summer-stickler as I used to be, and I'm kind of loving this weather. And maybe wish it was even a bit cooler. 

What's happened to me?! 

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The Chic Sheet, v. 8

Twenty Six | Gal Meets Glam
I'm only a recent follower of Julia's fashion blog, but I've really been enjoying it lately - the photography is next-level! Her birthday post, discussing maturity and change over the years was both intellectually and visually pleasing - my favorite kind of blog post!

Postcard from Italy: Cherished Moments | Wendy's Lookbook
I always love what Wendy creates for her YouTube channel - even if she doesn't post as often as some other creators, I find her content truly inspiring and worth the wait every time. This beautiful video, highlighting cherished moments in Italy from one of her recent trips (from the perspective of her gorgeous shoes), was so inspiring to me as a fellow creative! (Watch it in 4K for the best experience. ;)

Our Wedding | LilyPebbles
Lily and Rich's wedding video-- need I say more?! I've been waiting for this since they shared the first little snapshots on Instagram, and let me say it didn't disappoint. I'm a complete sucker for wedding sappiness and might have teared up a *bit* during the video. The wedding decor was very much what I would love for my own wedding someday, so that made me even more happy...Click through if you're also a hopeless romantic!

How the Rockettes Prepare for the Christmas Spectacular
I know it's a little early to share Christmas-related things, but this behind-the-scenes bit on how the Rocketettes prepare for their yearly Christmas Spectacular popped up in my Youtube Recommended box, and I couldn't resist. As a ex-ballerina, I'm still in love with all things dance-related, and if there's a day in the life style video about anything in the dance world, you can be sure I'm watching it! I think the Rockettes are fascinating, and I would love to see them perform live at least once in my lifetime.

1776 by David McCullough
I just finished this book last weekend and I absolutely loved it! You know I love the American Revolution better than any other time-period (if Hamilton wasn't enough implication of that - though I've loved this period far before Hamilton the Musical existed ;), but I'm tempted to say this is the best book I've read of the period yet. It's succinct and fast-paced, while still being thorough and detailed. The portrait McCullough paints of Washington is so beautiful yet so real, you can't help falling in love with his mind a little bit. My only qualm is that it's so brief-- I wish McCullough had written on the whole of the American Revolution instead of just one year, so I could enjoy more of it!
But since he didn't, I'll have to settle for John Adams next...;) Read my [very brief] Goodreads review here.

What's one thing you're loving today? :)

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