The Chic Sheet, v. 9

Saturday, November 19, 2016

After a solid work week, I'm coming at this weekend feeling strong! Maybe because next week is only a half-week with Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday! I can't wait.) but either way, instead of my usual exhausted-and-needing-to-catch-up-on-sleep weekend attitude, I feel like I paced myself during the week and as a result, can have a more upbeat weekend. (Which is interesting, because I actually did more work than usual this week. Proof that either a) I'm actually a workaholic. or b) we work better when we sleep and we sleep better when we're working. Or both.

-The Chic Sheet, v. 9-

Struggling With Snapchat?
Hilary Rushford is quickly becoming a favorite face in my Instagram Stories feed, so when I found this hilarious drug-commercial style advertisement in her latest newsletter, I had to share. If you don't know, Hilary is an online marketing coach, with a graceful and wise approach to online business strategy (unlike most web coaches, who you see yelling their products at you. ew.)

Best-Selling Red Lipsticks of All Time
If you're as obsessed with lipstick and the women who wear it as I am, this post on Vogue was fun and fascinating! I loved spotting some old favorites (as well as marking down that Chanel Red on my Christmas wishlist...oops).

Heck Yeh!
Rachel has been telling me to get Molly Yeh's cookbook for months now, but only this week did I take the time to go over and look at her website. Oh my word, I'm impressed! I love her welcoming approach to food photography, and her beautiful food creations! Go check it out and be inspired.

Peter Hollens Christmas Album
I'm usually such a Christmas Purist and won't listen to any Christmas music until Thanksgiving Day...but GUYS. I'm pretty sure this is the first Christmas album after Josh Groban's Noel that I've actually loved completely. (Usually I jump around, my favorite versions of each classic being sung by a wide range of artists, but I've listened all the way through this album, twice already. It's just that good.) Also, Peter Hollens has a beautiful voice.

Anatomy of A Scene: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
To be honest with you, I wasn't super excited about Fantastic Beasts at first. I feel about it the same way I do about Rogue One: too many spin-off movies cluttering up the focus of the main stories, and just becoming extra, watered-down versions of the inimitable originals. (Cynic? Maybe. True? Probably.) But I can't pretend that after watching this adorable little scene from the movie, with the director's commentary, that I didn't want to see more. I mean, if anything Eddie Redmayne. I love watching him act.

happy weekend to you! tell me one thing that made you happy this week. :)


  1. I love Peter Hollens! Unfortunately I haven't listened to his Christmas album yet, but I shall do so forthwith. (Especially if it is as thoroughly enjoyable as Noel. ^-^)

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Carmel!!!

    1. Get thee to a nunnery! (preferably one that plays Peter Hollens) ;)

      Thank you! I hope yours is wonderful as well!

  2. Go see Fantastic Beasts. You won't regret it.

    Also Peter Hollens is beautiful. <3

    1. Ooh you know what? We should go together...:)


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