Christmas Wish List 2016

Monday, December 05, 2016

Serving up some extra Christmas fun this Monday morning with my Christmas wish list for the year! Of course, I don't expect to get everything here, and there are a couple things I didn't link (like concert tickets or knickers) but these are just the type of nice things I'd love to find under the tree. (Also not mentioned, but always applicable: chocolate and books. Especially pepperminty chocolate and books by C. S. Lewis. Am I right??)

Also, totally did not plan this, but apparently I'm a blush + navy kinda girl. I mean, this list is practically color-coded. XD

What's one thing you're asking for for Christmas this year?


  1. the colors here are so pleasing somehow and i love it. AND THOSE SNEAKERS THO. o.o I'm really hoping for a quality camera this year, so I can, y'know, snap alllll the things.

  2. RIGHT?! I'm in love with them.
    Ooh, I hope you get it! A DSLR camera is a serious game-changer. :)

  3. Nordstrom gift cards so I can one day afford my Tom Ford scent of choice. <3333


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