Friday Five: My Top 5 Christmas Movies

Friday, December 09, 2016

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Happy Friday, friends! Are you making plans to cosy up for the weekend and watch Christmas movies? (I know I am! Cue the peppermint tea and fuzzy socks!) You're in the right place. In case you didn't know when you clicked on the title, I'm going to be sharing five of my favorite Christmas movies today...obviously there are so many more, but these are the top 5. The ones that if I don't watch before Christmas Eve, it won't feel quite like Christmas.

Have I said Christmas enough yet in this post? And I'm just getting started. 

1. White Christmas
This classic old film has been a favorite of mine for years - I can't remember when we first watched it, because it seems like it's always been a part of our Christmas traditions! Between the dancing and Bing Crosby's singing, Rosemary Clooney's's a no-brainer. You just can't beat classic numbers like "The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing," "Snow," and of course, "White Christmas."

2. Holiday Inn
Another oldie, this is actually one I hadn't seen until a couple years ago! Our cousin brought it over on Thanksgiving and it was the perfect post-Black-Friday-decorating movie. Ever since then it's just become a natural part of the Christmas tradition, as much a part as anything else! Fun fact - this movie is actually where the song "White Christmas" originated - not White Christmas like you would think!

3. ELF
Another more recent favorite (can you believe I hadn't watched this movie until 3-ish years ago?? how did I miss out on it for so many years??) you can't not love this hilarious film. Will Ferrell does a fantastic job as Buddy, the elf-raised human who goes to New York to find his dad, and bring back the spirit of Christmas. I cry laughing every time.

4. The Nativity Story
I cry during this movie too - but for very different reasons. This is, for me, a perfect counterpart movie to The Passion of The Christ - it captures in a similar way, the poignant moment in history when Christ was born. Powerful and moving, it still seems to feel very real, which is amazing to me. Forever a favorite.

5. It's A Wonderful Life
This is my favorite Christmas movie. Despite squirming uncomfortably about the fact that it was black and white when I first watched it as a little girl, it's grown on me so much over time that I really cannot imagine a Christmas without cosying in with my family and watching it before bed on Christmas Eve night. Also fun fact: I can do a pretty mean George Bailey impression. Merry Christmas, you wonderful old Building + Loan! 

What are your favorite Christmas movies?


  1. You can't go wrong with Elf! Our family binge-watches it so many times every December...and sometimes other months of the year, too. It's a classic we all enjoy.

  2. It's a Wonderful Life is not only my favorite Christmas movie; it's my favorite movie of all time! :D

    1. Lauren, the older I get, I'm pretty sure it's mine too. <3


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