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Saturday, December 03, 2016

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^^did I really say that on the internet? XD

This week was my first juggling all three jobs, and let me just say: never underestimate the difference that a good night's sleep can make, when you need to be on from 5:30AM until 8 or 9 at night! Sleep while you can, kids.

(Except we're all adults here and we're all doing the same thing: juggling a lot of things and trying to stay afloat. Being an entrepreneur is definitely hard in the beginning, but hey: you know what? I've got a really great homebase right here. You guys are great. Did you know that? Because you should.)

Sap aside, it's time for the rundown on what's new in the world this week!

The Chic Sheet, v. 11

via tumblr

1. Moana Soundtrack
Usually I'm not that into Disney soundtracks - or rather, not into the new ones. I'm still a fan of the classics, of course! But because Moana is composed by none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda...I had to give it a listen. Of course, it's whimsical and childish, but guys: this is good. I especially love that there is more than one really good song (you know how most Disney movies have that one great song, and the rest are just kind of okay?). I have had Where You Are, How Far I'll Go, We Know The Way and Know Who You Are all on repeat the past few days. (Also, don't miss Lin's "Warrior Face" demo, that was cut from the final track list. Pretty cool.)

2. Emma Stone on SNL
I never end up staying up to watch SNL (#grannylife), but I like keeping a tab on it just in case any of my favorite actors show up, and I want to watch the clips later! So this weekend, I cannot wait to see Emma Stone on SNL again...she's one of my biggest style icons + she's so funny!

3. How To Style A Turtleneck
If you haven't gotten your bum over to Jenny's channel yet, let this be your motivation! The author of the blog "Margo and Me" has absolutely amazing Parisian style, and every post/video is - no joke - like a work of art. In this video, she shares a few groundbreaking ways to style the classic tight-fit black turtleneck, (which is already my favorite winter staple) including ways to make your summer dresses work in the winter! Um, yes please!

4. Hacksaw Ridge
Over the weekend, my sisters and I went to see this movie about the one soldier in WWII who saved 75 lives in one night, all while carrying no gun*. I was intrigued by the premise...and then seeing that Andrew Garfield would play the lead, and that it was directed by Mel Gibson (also director of the essential "trivium of epic movies", The Patriot, Braveheart and The Passion of The Christ) I knew I had to see it. It did not disappoint! It's chock full of the gravity of war, yet laced with the delicate, intimate touch of young love. It's shot both beautifully and mostly realistically, which I appreciate.

And it features Andrew Garfield being all cute and southern and trying (read: failing adorably) to flirt. I mean, come on. 

Naturally, bear in mind that Gibson's movies are very intense, and emotionally draining; still, he knows how to use catharsis in a manner that's very refreshing, compared to some other war movies I've seen...If you're like me and you like epic, deeply moving movies, this is one you shouldn't miss. (Not to mention the soundtrack is frickin fantaaastic let me tell you!)

That's all for this week - cheers to Saturday; to shorter hours at work; to feeling better after a mid-week illness; and to binge watching Christmas movies!

*For the record, I don't think wars can be won without guns-- an army needs offense and defense, surely. Still, it's pretty neat that one guy decided to only save lives, instead of taking them. 


  1. That title though ;)
    I saw Moana over break and fell in love with it! The music is amazing and it's such a gorgeous movie.

    1. You know it. ;)
      I should've known you'd be the first to see a new Disney movie! I'll probably not get a chance to go until it comes out on DVD, but eventually: I will see Moana. :D

  2. I saw Hacksaw Ridge last night and completely agree with you! For me, it was one of those movies that felt life-changing, and I've been processing it ever since. So. Good.

  3. Ah! Hacksaw Ridge had me intrigued since day one, and I'm so excited you've seen it and given it such a good review! I'm curious though: is there any inappropriate content? I thought one of the trailers had implied that, but I may be thinking of something else.

    On another note, I love Lin-Manuel Miranda, I completely forgot Moana came out, and I didn't know he composed the soundtrack! What!!!1?

    1. There was some language, but otherwise nothing inappropriate...obviously it is violent, though, if that helps.

      Yes! Check it out!!


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