Friday Five: My Top 5 Yoga Routines

Friday, January 27, 2017

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Since attempting (half-way) the 31 Days of Yoga Revolution challenge on Adriene's channel, I've been doing yoga much more regularly, and I'm beginning to get a feel for the types of practices I prefer! I know I won't complete the challenge with January, especially since there have been a few routines I've repeated instead of moving on to new ones...oops! Narrowing this list down to five was difficult, you guys.

Obviously, the bedtime/soothing/relaxation routines are the best, but I'm also really loving a good 30-minute Prana; and you can't beat a short and sweet 15-minute practice, when you really don't have time...

So here we go! 5 Yoga routines I've loved, and come back to, and repeated at least once. You don't have to have any particular skill level with these: Adriene talks you through every step of the way, and I promise, anyone can do any of them.

Happy Friday + Happy Yoga-ing! 

Sunrise yoga has to be my favorite type of yoga - I especially love when I can fit it in on a Saturday morning actually while the sunrises. (Unfortunately, usually I'm taking full advantage of my one day to sleep in, lol!) But man oh about starting the day off on the right foot! This practice is super short and sweet, and usually, I run through it twice to get a better stretch - but whatever you do, you have no excuse to not fit in 10 minutes of yoga, so get on the mat, friend! If you do any routine from this post, do this one.

This is a really good energizing flow that I love to do between work shifts when I can, on the days I'm not working out, just to get the blood flowing. It's a good medium-length practice, right in the sweet spot between a quick stretch and a full workout. As you'll probably be able to tell, it's my favorite length of practice...

A yoga sequence just especially for those of us on our feet most of the day! Bless. I tend to pause a lot during this video to get even more out of the stretches, because they're good. Lower back and foot pain is real, but this helps a lot! 

Raise you're hand if you're a runner, and you're doing yoga to relieve the knee-stress (my hand is up high)! Of course, pretty much any type of yoga is going to be better than not doing anything before or after you hit the pavement, but this specific practice is geared towards runners, and it's awesome. She also has a whole playlist of runner-oriented routines...

I've done this one at least 3 times, and still come back to it! It's so soothing, and perfect for relieving all that shoulder and back tension after a long day of work. Bedtime yoga is something I really want to make more time for: if anything, it's a lot healthier for me than crunching up my shoulders watching Gilmore Girls on my screen, not to mention it's less technology time right before trying to sleep. (But then again, Gilmore Girls. #struggles.)
Beware though! It will put you to sleep. Don't do this on your lunch break unless you also have time for a nap. ;)

My weekend challenge to you all: do at least 10 minutes of yoga! Take some time for yourself. 


  1. I've been (slowly) going through the 31 day Revolution too! I think I may have found her through your blog, actually. I knew to start out I wouldn't be able to do it every single day, so I'm just going through at my own pace. Adrienne is so funny, but I love how she takes you through each step. It's made a huge difference for me!

    1. That's awesome, Nina! Props to you for fitting it in, even if it's at your own pace. <3

  2. Yes! This post comes at such wonderful timing! I've been wanting to start yoga, and now I have the perfect routines to begin. Thank you!

  3. Oh my goodness, yoga is my absolute FAVORITE. It's not the kind of thing my punk rock self would usually be into, but it *is* relaxing. i'm trying a more hardcore routine right now, trying to get a little tougher...sigh. :P But I'm starting to make it a daily routine and that does wonders.


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