My Movie Night Essentials (with AdoreMe)

Friday, January 13, 2017

It's January. If you're anything like me, you've got the urge to hibernate during this month and the next, because who really wants to go out when it's freezing cold and rainy? 

Though to be honest with you, I'm a stay-in kind of girl through most of the year anyway...I love to cosy in with a good book or a movie, some tea and some chocolate, and some good conversation with the type of friends who aren't afraid to hang out in their pajamas. Or even if it's just me, and I have an evening off of work, I can probably be found beneath a mountain of blankets, watching Gilmore Girls and munching lightly salted almonds (my favorite).

So in celebration of the cosy, and making the most of January, I wanted to talk about my movie night/netflix and chill essentials! Obviously this is something that differs depending on each person, your likes and tastes, but there are a couple categories I think everyone needs for a proper tv or movie-binge. ;)

Preferably plaid pajama pants, because who cares that Christmas is over - they're my favorite, and they're the coziest! Mine are from Old Navy. On the top, I love the look of a lacy bralette peeking from under a basic teeAdore Me has some really cute ones - and what I love about these is that they're comfortable, while still giving a little bit of support. I never like to go without a bra, so these are a much prettier, much more elegant alternative to the old sports bra. :) And in answer to the argument "who cares! no one is going to see it" - you are, darling, and it will make you feel good (I swear by it).

A good thick-knit throw or afghan is my favorite, but these faux-fur blankets look amazing too.

3. TEA
Okay maybe this isn't 100% essential in your movie night yet, but it should be. ;) Peppermint tea is my favorite at the moment, still, but year round I love a good Irish Breakfast (Twinings, of course). If you're not into tea, there's always hot apple cider, hot chocolate or even coffee, depending on how it affects your body's ability to sleep, of course. :)

My absolute favorite dessert is ice cream, but since that has both sugar and dairy in it (no, really? XD) I like to make banana "nice cream" for movie nights during the week. It's the easiest thing: process two frozen bananas (freeze in chunks so they're easier for the blender to handle) in a blender or food processor, scoop into a bowl to serve. The topping options are endless, but this time I went for blueberries + a drizzle of honey.

Studies have proven you actually cannot have a movie night without a movie. So since there's no escaping it, you'll have to pick an oldie (we recently re-watched High Society and I forgot how much I loved it!), or a newer movie (I haven't gotten a chance to re-watch The Force Awakens yet, but it's on my list!) or even your favorite TV show (mine is - how did you know? - Gilmore girls. XD)

How do you do movie nights?

This post is in collaboration with AdoreMe; I am not being compensated for my honest opinion. 


  1. Movie nights are my favorite! We've had a lot of them since I've been home for break.
    I'm got a faux fur blanket and it totally makes me feel like a warrior princess. I think the essentials for movie nights are comfy clothes, blankets, food, and family!

    1. Same here! There's nothing like getting the whole family piled on the couch and laughing, crying, quoting our way through the movie of choice.
      I'm jealous of your fur! I didn't even think of warrior princess but now I'm completely and 100% sold (my ultimate life goal is to be a warrior princess. ;)


  2. Um, yeah. Pajamas all the way. I keep saying it, but we have to have one of these movie nights soon! P.S. This is probably my favorite post you've posted this year so far. Nothing like cute and comfy and cozy!


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