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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Considering about 80% of my style influence comes from the streets of Paris, it's probably surprising to you that, until just recently, I didn't actually own any pieces from France. I haven't been to France yet, so it is only when friends visit that I get to benefit from its culture. 

Can I first just say that tacky travel souvenirs are kind of part of the fun of travel? It's the kitschy, odd things that you bring back that remind you of your adventures, not the Essie brand nail polish that you just happened to buy at a French Pharmacie (you could have gotten that anywhere). But every once in a while, a souvenir will be both unique and beautiful...and you know you've got gold.

This scarf from la Galleries Lafayette, kindly brought back for me by Mary Kate and given as a Christmas gift, is one of those treasures. (Caveat: friends who bring back gifts from their travels are the best of friends. Have those friends. Be that friend.) It's a dreamy scarf, of course, but it's also from Paris, and best of all, from a dear friend. It's got a story.

And in case a buttery pink scarf from Paris wasn't enough reason to dress like a French girl, the weather this weekend was balmy and dotted with sunshine, and it smelled like spring. I spent Sunday afternoon tucked in a bookstore reading French cookbooks and dreaming of summertime and travel and les bonnes cuisines. 

I'm just a bundle of romance, you guys.

Dress: Old Navy
Scarf: Galleries Lafayette; similar, also similar
Loafers: DSW
Bag: Vintage Coach; similar, affordable


  1. If I had a scarf from Paris I could recreate this outfit ;)

  2. Cool scarf, pictures, and story! I can't wait to go to France. Maybe I could study abroad there...

    1. Thanks Madeline! I'd love to study abroad too (and hopefully will!)...

  3. This is a think, is my favorite outfit from you. You look so HAPPY wearing that scarf and I just can feel why: because I'd have the same expression on my face. How awesome. Props to that friend. <3

    1. Well thank you, m'dear! Yeah. I'm all smiles + I know you would be too. :)

  4. THAT SCARF THO. This outfit is so classy and I just...I just love it. :)

    - Aimee (To the Barricade!)


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