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Saturday, January 14, 2017

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Goal Digger Podcasts
My friend and fellow blogger Sarah introduced me to these podcasts and I've been listening, learning and loving ever since! I love that, since most of these women are moms, they have a more rooted, mature perspective on business in blogging. Instead of what you usually hear touted "don't let anything get in between you and your dreams", they instead promote cultivating a healthy home-life before getting into business full time. Because at the end of the day, all your followers are numbers on a screen, but the people you interact with in real life are right there. Have you listened to the Goal Digger podcasts? What are your thoughts on balancing family life with business/school life?

La La Land
In case you didn't catch me gadding on about La La Land on Instagram, let me share here: this movie is beautiful. The cinematography, the dancing, the music, the costumes, the sets...everything. I especially resonated with the storyline of over-worked artists, wanting to break through and quit the day job. I mean, isn't that all of us bloggers? It's a common theme, but it was characterized so accurately...and in a musical (musicals are my favorite in case you didn't already know. ;). Fantastic.

Paris In Four Months | Instagram 
Carrin Olsson has the most drop-dead gorgeous Instagram feed I have ever seen. And I've loved her photography style for months now. But recently, with the addition of Instagram stories, I've been obsessed with seeing more of her amazing photos, just of her everyday life in Paris. It's warm, it's slightly imperfect but it's always, always beautiful. I'm obsessed and you should be too.

Carly Rowena Daily Workout Routines
And speaking of Insta, Carly Rowena has been sharing her daily workout routines over on her account, and I'm loving the daily boost of inspiration! I've had fun adding a couple of the moves into my own routines this week, specifically the medicine ball workout here (my legs were burning and I'm so sore today, ha!)

Kate Spade Giveaway
Just a little reminder that you have one more day to enter the Kate Spade giveaway if you haven't already! Don't miss the fun, friends! Check it out here. :)

Happy Weekend to you! What's been on your mind this week?


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