The Chic Sheet, v. 15

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Today was a week of getting back on my feet and getting into a better rhythm with what is now my everyday life! Fortunately, my schedule has become more consistent now - there's nothing worse than not knowing when you work, or having an ever-changing schedule, that's different week to week. I like consistency. And this week was that. (I'm grateful.)

The Chic Sheet, v. 15

1. My Little Steamer Go Mini
I've had this little steamer for a couple weeks now (I got it for Christmas and I swear, I was more excited about this than almost anything else I got. #dork) but it really came in handy this week! For some reason, I guess, I kept wanting to wear shirts or blazers that needed ironing - and when you have limited dressing time, you don't want to spend half of it ironing! This little guy is way faster, and it's so easy to use. Saved me many a minute and kept my closet going strong.

2. Zoella Makeup Collection + Storage
I'm a sucker for a good makeup collection video, you guys. Get to have a nosey around someone's collection, and also get storage ideas/tips? Please and thanks. Caution: this video could give you a major makeup-spending itch (and right after I was giving you budgeting tips earlier this week...oops!)

3. Getting Old and Staying Young | Casey Neistat
I watched this video early in the week, and it just gave me that refreshed fire to work harder, smarter, better. (I wish I could have that kind of drive every week!) Anyway, it's not intentionally motivational, per se, but I was inspired by what Casey said, as so often happens when I watch his videos, and I thought you too might enjoy it.

4. Kingdom and State Gingham Skirt
I recently rediscovered Kingdom and State (remember their adorable swim line last year??) and this time, I'm going all heart-eyes for their regular clothing line. Can we just take a moment for this midi bodycon skirt? I love it.

5. New John Mayer Music
I've saved the best for last, you guys. John Mayer just released a handful of new songs, and as a long time lover of his soothing, probing style, I couldn't wait to hear the new tracks! I wasn't disappointed. Go have a listen.

What are you loving today?


  1. I suffered from a tiny amount of makeup envy while watching the Zoella video ;)
    and yay for new John Mayer music!

    1. Right?? Oops...
      Yes! I had forgotten you were a Mayer fan too! :)


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