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Saturday, January 28, 2017

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Something that's been on my heart this week is solitude...when you're focusing so much on working hard and doing a good job, it's very easy to get sucked into yourself: and before you know it, you're alone all the time. Part of that is the nature of growing up: no one is going to always understand everything you're going through, nor do we expect them to. You find the people who understand one level, and other people who understand other levels. Still, something God is teaching me during this year of work is that friendship/companionship is not something to be taken for granted. It takes work, too. I'm grateful for the handful of close friends I still have. You know who you are. <3 p="">
The Chic Sheet, v. 16

How To Travel On A Budget | Seventeen Dresses
I'm constantly dreaming and scheming about packing up and going to Europe (especially after last Sunday's cookbook perusing), so of course this post appealed to me! But in all seriousness, whether you're traveling domestically or internationally, there are a lot of good rules of thumb in this post - the sort of thing you {I} always forget about until it's too late...

3 Ways To Style A Peacoat | Wendy's Lookbook
Wendy does it again! I love her style videos, and these peacoat-styling tips do not disappoint! She looks at fashion in such a big-picture way

Gilmore Girls Again
Because WHAT WAS THE END OF SEASON 4 OH MY WORD RORY. #canwetalkaboutthisplease

Aarti Paarti Cookbook
I remember watching Aarti win Next Food Network Star several years back, and loved her, but for some reason never bought the cookbook! My sister Rachel recently got it, however, and this week we tried her classic Chicken Tikka Masala guys. It's amazing. We've tried homemade Indian multiple times and it's just never been great, but the results of this recipe were family-owned-restaurant compatible. I cannot recommend this cookbook more, not just for it's beautiful photos and warm, inviting style, but because the food itself is simply phenomenal.

What If Disney Princesses Wore Haute Couture?
Vogue put together a slideshow of couture dresses that could work for Disney princesses and let's just say it was too fun. (Fulfilling all my Elie Saab Cinderella dreams. Oh wait, Lily James already did that.)

happy saturday, friends!


  1. HA! You've reached THAT part! ;) Oh ho ho... my reaction was exactly the same. WHY RORY.

    1. YOU DIDN'T PREPARE ME FOR THIS. Haha...oh the drama...XP


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