5 MORE Last-Minute Galentine's Day Ideas

Friday, February 10, 2017

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Last year I wrote a fun little post about last minute Galentine's Day ideas, and I wanted to sequel it this year! I'm the sort of person to take any excuse to get together with my best girls, but around Valentine's Day, even if you're totally happy being single and loving the independent life (read: me) there's still a natural desire to be appreciated, and to appreciate - and what better way to do it than surrounding yourself with the women you love most?

I've said it before: I'm not a big fan of all the Valentine's Day commercialism anyway, but the servant-hearted love of St. Valentine to his little blind patient? That's definitely an attitude I can get behind! So in the spirit of loving others well (and taking a little time to pamper yourself too!) - here are

5 last-minute Galentine's Day ideas, the sequel. 
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There's little I love more than hanging out with a couple girlfriends in the kitchen, baking and decorating cookies/cupcakes, talking and laughing. Whether that means singing along to the radio with your spatula-microphones, having deep heart-to-heart chats or getting way too serious with your decorating competition, it's a great way to get everyone on the same page, (and off their phones) and just being together. (It's also cheap and requires minimal preparation.)

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It doesn't have to be anything crazy fancy (but then again, it totally could be), just pick up some treats from the grocery store/local bakery, put out your nicest dishes and have some tea with a couple girlfriends! Try to get everyone to wear dresses is totally optional but definitely makes this feel more special - and also makes group pictures cuter. ;) Sometimes you need a good excuse to get dressed up and feel good about yourself. 

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On the other hand, sometimes you just need to chill in your plaid pajama pants, too - and that's totally okay! Call up your best friend for breakfast on a Saturday morning, pajamas required. Scramble eggs and make coffee together and solve the world's problems (or just cry over The Notebook together, whatever floats your boat). Or if you don't feel like cooking, hit up a handful of local coffee shops like you're getting paid to review them (with pants on, of course. XD)

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Take off with a couple gal pals for the weekend and hike, camp, hit up the closest city and eat lots of pancakes - whatever. Spontaneity is the key element of this one. It doesn't have to be fancy or extravagant, it doesn't have to be planned or contrived, it just has to be fun and a little bit daring - because you only live once, so you might as well make some good memories on the way. :) Come Monday morning, you'll be exhausted and (hopefully) full of good food, good photos and a couple token purchases in the boot of the car to remember the trip by. 

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Get your girls (or your sisters) together to do each other's hair, nails and makeup, put on your fanciest dresses and hit up a nice restaurant! Eat, talk, take photos and exchange your favorite luxury chocolate bars, secret-santa style - it's especially good if you and your friends work, and don't necessarily have time to do anything huge, but still want to hang out and catch up. You can save money by sharing meals/getting appetizers if you're on a budget (yep, that's me again!), but overall it's just a great way to feel pretty together, show some love to each other, and not sit at home alone on Valentine's Day, crying over chick flicks and eating too much chocolate. (It's just not a good look for you, darling.)

Happy Galentine's Day, you beautiful ladies! I hope you know how much you're loved. ❤️


  1. Wish I could spend Galentine's Day with you! Sounds like you're going to have a blast, whatever you end up doing. I'll probably have a normal day of school and then chill with Gilmore Girls in the evening. :)

    1. I wish I could get together all my blog friends for Galentine's Day! How epic would that be?! Someday...

      Hey, just chilling with Gilmore Girls always sounds like a good idea to me. 🙌🏻


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