5 Things Girls Who Workout Are Tired Of Explaining

Friday, February 17, 2017

(my titles are reaching buzzfeed length someone stop me)

It's Friday, you guys! And after killing it all week, let's breathe into this weekend on a light-hearted note!

I'm definitely not a bodybuilder, nor do I ever intend to be, but as a gym-frequenter and a girl who just generally loves working out, there are some things I feel like I'm constantly explaining...and I'm sure you have felt the same! From one fit girl to another, I hope this post is relatable + makes you laugh today. :)

Here's to the one's who sweat!

5 Things Fit Girls Are Tired of Explaining 

1. Why your closet is full of black leggings of various cuts and styles.
...Yet you still want more. 
It's just a truth universally acknowledged that the Black Legging is The Best, and leggings do not have eternal life. Some are good for cold days; some are good for hot days; we probably have a pair we prefer to wear when we're running, and a pair we can only wear for non-cardio days; a pair or more that are past their prime but still work for yoga-days. And no, we don't get rid of the old ones...why would we do that???

2. Why the baseball cap is not "just a trend" for you.
Two words: sweaty hair. The baseball cap trend is just terribly convenient right now, because it makes us look like we're being fashionable, but trust me: once a fit girl, always a fit girl. Even when baseball caps are no longer on trend, we'll still be wearing them to save our hair. XD

3. Why you always need new music.
When you workout with regularity, the same songs start to cycle through pretty frequently, and if you don't have a large playlist, you might get very sick of the same handful very quickly. We always appreciate your music recommendations...we might not always use them, but we'll certainly always check them out. ;)

4. Why strong is better than skinny.
Anyone can go on an extreme diet, start doing an hour of cardio a day, and loose weight. But developing long, lean muscle takes work, time, and patience. You don't tone overnight, and you certainly won't develop #ladyguns by drinking diet teas: and the thing about working out is you can also do cool things (like lift heavy stuff or run really fast, for example), all in addition to looking fitter. We don't want to be skinny. We want to be strong.

5. Why we workout at all.
See the thing about working out is that it's a little bit addicting: you start to see results, you start to notice hard things getting easier, and you want to keep going. It's a lifelong journey to improve your capabilities; to lift more, to run farther, to plank longer. It's not purely cosmetic (though of course that's part of it) - it's a lot about the challenge. Just like any mental challenge, we like to workout to push the physical limits. It takes long-term commitment, and you know what? We like that.

"i go to france for more funds, i come back with more guns."

Feel free to add to the list in the comments below!
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  1. I love Jefferson at the end there ;)

  2. This must be the most badass post in all of existence. :') I especially agree with you on being strong. It takes time and effort, and its totally worth it.

    1. HA oh my word THANK YOU! I'm glad you agree! And since I'm not sure if we've met yet - nice to meet you, Jo, + welcome. <3


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