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Saturday, February 11, 2017

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1. 8Fit App
Okay, I'm probably most excited to share this little app with you all, out of all the links today...I discovered it through Anna's recent fitness video, and was immediately very excited. You basically create a profile within the app by answering all sorts of questions about yourself and your fitness level, any intolerances or dietary restrictions, and they create a customized workout and meal plan for you to follow! I love that it takes a holistic approach to eating, very much in line with what I already do - instead of your textbook "eat only salads" solution, which is actually not healthy, though most people are surprised to hear it!

Of course, I'm far too much of a free spirit to commit 100% to their meal and workout plan (oops), but I used it to get a better idea of how many calories I should be consuming, based on my level of fitness/activity during the day, and also as a source of inspiration for new workout routines and moves! Side note: the meal plans are not free, but the price is pretty decent if that's something you're really looking into...and definitely a lot cheaper than sessions with a personal trainer at your local gym.

2. Why I'm Blowing Off NYFW This Season
I've obviously never been to New York Fashion Week, but it's long been a dream of mine. (Isn't it the dream of every fashion blogger to be front row at shows like Kate Spade, J. Crew, Tommy Hilfiger?) But reading this post over at Jen's blog really added a probably-needed dose of perspective on the real story of fashion week, that we like to forget about or idealize. I still plan on going to Fashion Week - heck, I'd love to do Fashion Month someday - but it was nice to see someone stepping up and saying "hey wait a minute - what are we doing?" in a very honest way.

3. Valentine's Day Shopping Guide
Can we all just agree that Lauren is killing it with the photos in this post? So good! (Also, a great shopping guide, because that's actually the point of this. ;)

4. Valentine's Day Hair Tutorial | Margo and Me
And speaking of Valentine's Day, this Bardot-inspired updo has given me some serious hair envy! I will definitely be playing with this vamped-up ponytail look in weeks to come...I'm trying to break the habit of just throwing my hair in a ponytail most days, you guys, but it's hard. Long hair just doesn't want to do anything sometimes. XD

5. Light Comes In
Lin-Manuel Miranda shared this album on Twitter a day or so ago and I, naturally, went to check it out - I'm really liking it so far! It has an almost folk sound to it, which isn't typically something I listen to, but it's been good to change it up a bit! Her lyrics seem to be very intentional, which I always enjoy.


  1. I love Bridgette Bardot's makeup/hair. Such volume envy!

    1. Amen + amen! (Can I please have her eyes, too?)


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