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Saturday, February 18, 2017

I'm sitting here typing in my bed, because it's still pretty dark outside and I don't want to wake up my sister; it's Saturday morning and I'm writing up what's still probably my favorite post of the week before I get ready for work today. I love these early morning moments. :)

Last weekend was a lot of fun, and because I didn't have as much work, I crammed in a coffee date with a good friend, a hot yoga class and a solid amount of blog work; this weekend will probably be more work-driven, to be honest, as I'll be going out of town halfway through next week, and I want to finish so many things up before I head out. (Sidenote: am I the only one who doubles up on the workload in advance of any trip, just in case you don't have much work time in transit? I don't like to leave things to the last minute!) 

But I'm also trying not to get too lost in the workload and get in that cranky mental place; it's so hard to purposely take time to stop when you want to accomplish so many things at once...but that's the goal this weekend. ❤️

The Chic Sheet, v. 18

1. Regina Spektor "Black and White" Music Video
The "Black and White" music video from Regina's newest album came out a little while ago, but I only recently actually watched it, and I was really impressed! Regina Spektor's music videos are always very poetic - but also very complex. Not this one. "Black and White" is so simple, so heartbreakingly beautiful - it just made me that much more excited to be seeing her in concert in a little while now...

2. Aurelia Paquette on Instagram
I just recently found Aurelia on Instagram, and I'm loving her photography style! So many gorgeous shots of New York during fashion week, as well as Boston on a regular basis, that I'm already always happy to see a photo from her pop up in my feed!

3. Dear Carly
You guys know Carly is one of my all-time favorite bloggers, so when I read this letter to my freshman self on Monday I immediately pasted the link into this draft post. It's not exactly that her advice is something ground-breaking, or even anything I didn't already know, but rather that she mentions the basic things that we all easily forget, especially in times of anxiety or excitement, and need to be reminded of on several occasions. It's a solid reminder, whether you're going to college or just moving out.

4. Rifle Paper Co. X Keds
Oh my word, I was too excited to hear about this collaboration - unfortunately, I didn't see the email announcement until Wednesday mid-day when I got off the morning shift, and at that point, the "Champion - Jardin De Paris" shoe was already completely sold out! I'm still pretty bummed and I hope they bring back in more sizes...did any of your manage to preorder before they sold out? And can we just appreciate how beautiful they all are? Collaborations between two companies I love so much like this are my favorite. :)

What are your weekend plans, friends? 

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