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Saturday, February 25, 2017

So as I'm currently out of town, this week's Chic Sheet is going to be a bit less review-style and a lot more anthological...because reasons (like the fact that I started this post in a .docx on the airplane, and am finishing it in the dorm room I'm inhabiting for the weekend. life is a crazy adventure.)

The Chic Sheet, v. 20
can you believe it's been 20 weeks already?

Tanya Burr | Most-Worn Items In My Wardrobe
I watched this video after a pretty emotionally draining day at work this week, and it was the perfect light-hearted, fluffy thing to get my mind off of things. I truly admire Tanya's sense of style, and I appreciate that this video focused more on the pieces of her wardrobe that had truly been loved and appreciated and used, versus yet another haul video (the staunch materialism on Youtube gets to me, you guys). I actually enjoyed it so much that I'm toying with the idea of making a video of my own in a similar style...let me know if that's something you would be interested in seeing!

Rachel Heffington's Sesame Pot Stickers
I dare you to not be hungry after reading this post. It's just too drool-worthy.

Kate Spade Rosa Flounce Dress
And speaking of drool-worthy, can we talk about the latest rose-print pieces from Kate Spade?? This flounce dress is just so swish (if also ridiculously out of price range). Who cares. I'm in love.

Sage Steps
Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere's latest outfit post had me smiling this week. The photography is just next. level.

The Girl In The Green Scarf
Working at Banana Republic, you discover little pieces in the store that you probably wouldn't have initially. This little scarf is one of them...and I'm very tempted to add it to my growing neck scarf collection. (Also, I can't help but think of Rebecca Bloomwood every time I see it so you really can't argue with that. ;)

NEWSIES in Theatres
I didn't get the chance to see Newsies, and though apparently there's going to be another showing on March 4th, I'm not sure if a theatre near me is showing it... But I heard a little rumor (oh hey, Riley!) that it might be on Netflix later, and I sure hope so! I'm only a relatively recent Newsie, (but no less of a fan for that reason, I assure you) and would love the chance to experience it more fully than just listening to the soundtrack on repeat - ha! Plus, I mean the cast is perfect. And that's really rare.

Did you see Newsies? I want to know what your thoughts were!


  1. I mean, you know I saw Newsies ;P (twice)
    I certainly hope the rumors are true and that it'll be on Netflix or iTunes!

  2. NEWSIESSSSS. I grew up on Newsies and I haven't been able to see it live, but I love this show so much. <3

    (To the Barricade!)


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