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Monday, February 13, 2017

Inspired by all the epic street style going down at New York Fashion Week at the moment, I decided to do my own take (I did it last year,'s becoming a tradition...XD)

I definitely stepped outside my comfort zone with the beanie...I'm just not really a hat person, I guess? But I really like the way it looks with this outfit: it doesn't feel complete without the hat, and that's when you know it's a good fit!

But I think my favorite part of this outfit is the itty bitty bag...

It's basically Target's knock-off version of the Chanel WOC, but I don't even care because it's perfect. I love the concept of a wristlet, but I always just end up throwing it into a larger bag because I hate the feeling of something that large dangling off my wrist (and I know I can't be trusted to hold it in my hand for any length of time, ha!) But string it on a cross-body style chain, and I'm sold. Perfect for travel, for keeping your necessaries close to your chest when you're in the city, and especially for wearing underneath your coat when the weather is cold (cross body purses with hooded jackets are a struggle, we all know it!). Plus, it's what all the cool kids are doing. ;)

Also very obsessed with these new 40's inspired block-heeled shoes from DSW. I shared them on InstaStories a couple days ago and everyone loved them! I know the Victorian shoe trend was more last-season, but I'm still in love with the retro look. (I feel like all I want to wear at the moment is some type of throwback!)

So even though I'm not powering through a blizzard to get to the front row of Jason Wu, I'm still experimenting with fashion and pushing the boundaries here at home (and loving the balmier weather, too ;).

Hat: H&M, similar
Coat: French Connection, old, similar
Top: Calvin Klein, old, similar
Jeans: Gap, old, similar

What would you wear to Fashion Week?


  1. It's ok. I'm not a hat person either. It looks good though!


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