What To Eat After You Workout

Friday, February 03, 2017

It's Friday (finally)! I'm not going to pretend this week hasn't had it's share of struggles, but all in all I think we pulled through strong. I hope you did too.

Le Death Shake, as mentioned^
So! In partnership with Monday's post, I thought it was only fair to share some ideas about what you should eat after you've worked out. It's important to put energy back in your body after you've taken it out, and not loose all the work you've done in the process! What you eat post-workout depends on what your goals are - whether you're trying to put on muscle, loose fat, or just plain loose weight, different foods are going to be more or less effective for you.  You should always eat at least something within 30 minutes of a workout.

A few disclaimers before we begin--
-These are more geared towards weight-maintenance/fat loss, but depending on your body and what you usually eat, these could help with weight loss as well.
-They can all be sugar and dairy free recipes (since that's what I usually do) provided you're careful to look at the ingredients beforehand. Sugar is a sneaky fellow + you have to watch him constantly, but you should be able to find sugarless versions of everything here pretty easily.

All that to say, take this with a grain of salt! I'm not Dr. Oz, but I will say that I've lost weight + had more enjoyable workout experiences - and most importantly, been a happier, less hangry person with the help of these foods and others. So there is that. :)

1. Breakfast Bowl
3 scrambled egg whites, 1/2 avocado, salsa + fresh spinach
This is great just for breakfast, but it's especially good if you've done a lighter workout, like yoga or gentle cardio, to keep you going afterwards. It's incredibly low carb, egg whites boost your metabolism (bonus effect: they're great for your hair and skin) and has healthy fat from the avocado, plus spinach for a vegetable serving snuck in in a tasty way. I throw all the ingredients in a bowl + douse liberally with salsa. It's the bomb, + it's filling, which is often hard to come by with low carb foods.

2. Pick Me Up
1 slice whole wheat toast + 1 tbsp peanut butter + 1 sliced banana + cinnamon + honey
I'm sure I've shared this recipe on here before, but it's worth sharing again. Sugarless whole wheat bread can sometimes be found at the grocery store, but I make my own at home with honey as a sweetener. Top with natural peanut butter, bananas, cinnamon + honey and this delicious concoction is the perfect thing to help you spring back after a serious cardio session, like a long run!

3. Death Shake
1/2 frozen banana + 1/4-1/3 cup frozen blueberries + large handful of spinach + 1 tsp peanut butter + honey + water + ice.
My sisters and I call this the "death shake" because when blended together, spinach and blueberries come out to a beautiful shade of dark grey. However, despite it's color, this shake actually tastes awesome and is one of my regular go-to's! I swear you can't taste the spinach. It's great after a moderate level of exertion, such as pilates or any workout that doesn't involve heavy lifting. If you are lifting, and you want to gain that muscle mass, adding a scoop of vanilla protein powder (their are tons of brands out there to choose from) will help you recover fast and develop muscle more.

Side-note: don't be afraid of protein powder just because you aren't wanting to bulk muscle! It's main benefit is that it absorbs faster than a piece of meat, but (depending on which one + how much of it you go for) the amount of protein you're getting is around the same. It's great if you don't have time for a full sit-down meal, but still need to fuel up after any tough workout, or simply to get that protein into your system quickly so that you're not as sore later on.

4. Not-Your-Average Tuna
1 small can tuna + 1/2 avocado + mustard + 2 slices bacon (optional)
I was never a fan of tuna until I made it this way - but now it's a favorite! (Just make sure you have gum on hand if you're going somewhere directly afterwards. ;) Mash up the avocado and tuna together, stir in liberal amounts of yellow mustard and you're good to go. Top with a couple crumbled slices of bacon and this is awesome - the only thing I would say is that it's very difficult to find bacon that hasn't been cured with some form of sugar (maltodextrin, I'm looking at you) - but if you do get some, and are patient enough to cook it after working out, more power to ya!

5. Blackberry Quinoa Salad
1/3 cup quinoa + 1/4 cup chopped kale + handful of blackberries + 1/4 cup of pecans + homemade balsamic dressing
Quinoa is one of the best things to have after your workout as, like oatmeal, it's a slow-releasing source of energy, and a healthy carb. I love a cold quinoa salad, but if you're going to get your nutrients in within the 30 minutes after a workout, you'll probably have to prep ahead of time. A good idea is to make a large batch of quinoa on the weekend, and use it up as you will during the week! Mix it in with your chopped kale + blackberries* + pecans, and top it with your dressing of choice, or eat as is. I make a homemade balsamic dressing for this by whisking equal parts balsamic vinegar and coconut / olive oil, with a drizzle of honey. It's the bomb.com.

*If it's off season, blueberries are great as well - and you can find fresh ones pretty much year-round at this point.

That was longer than I intended - if you read all the way through, you deserve kudos! And if you're just pinning now to read later, you're lazy and I would probably do the same thing, ha! 

Cheers to your weekend, my dears. 😘


  1. If this whole post isn't a whackload of motivation, then nothing is. I seriously feel the need to work out just so I have a reason to try all of this deliciousness! ;)

    1. Rebecca,
      I'm so happy to hear it! I've received so much inspiration from other bloggers, so I think it's only fair to pass the baton! <3


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