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Monday, February 06, 2017

(Because it's Monday and sarcasm is my first language.) 
In case you haven't heard me say it a thousand times, I've been working three jobs for the past three months! And though it's been loads of fun (seriously! lots of coffee + reading/writing on break + going running to reset your mind between jobs + making good money. It's not a bad way to live.) - I am now tying up the strings with one job, to simplify and allow more focus to this blog and to my other two part-times. So as this short season of my life comes to a close for now, I wanted to look back on the laughs, the stress, the craziness + share a bit of insight with you. Whether you're currently working multiple jobs, or considering doing it, here's my wit and wisdom to take (with a grain of salt) and commiserate. I hope you chuckle. ;)

What Working Three Jobs Is Actually Like

1. Every Week Is Hell Week
You get no seasonal breaks - in fact, the work load might double on holidays (#retaillife). But you'll get used to it.

2. Afternoons Off Are Literally. Gold.
And when you do have time off, you'll probably watch Gilmore Girls for 3 hours with no regrets - every. dang. time.

3. Have A Hobby
Seriously, without it you will go crazy: working nonstop for other people and doing nothing for yourself. (Or maybe that's just me?)

4. Never Underestimate How Much You Can Do In An Hour
It's more time than you once thought it was.

5. You Learn To Love Work
Or you don't, and yours becomes a miserable existence. (I wouldn't know though, fortunately.)

6. You Always Talk About Taking A Nap Between Shifts
But let's face it, it never happens. #toowiredtobetired.

7. Your Work Schedule Doesn't Really Fit In With A Typical Eating Schedule
So you'll probably end up eating a big lunch between jobs, and then a snack after work at 9PM. Health is wealth.

8. Coffee Isn't A Question Anymore
That mid-afternoon schlump hits hard when you got up at 5 AM. Caffeine to the rescue!

9. The Angels Sing On Payday
...And the devils dance on bill day.

10. The Only Person You Have Time For Is Your Mom
Translation: I would not recommend getting into a long-term committed relationship while working 3 jobs.

11. You Don't Want To Do Anything In Your Spare Time
You're already running around to work, why would you want to run around anywhere else? Plus, home is where the free wifi + unlimited snacks are, and you can sit in your bed and read, so really...#winning #introvertlife

12. Friends? What Friends?
Work friends are your friends: everyone else gets texted in the break room with the update on your wellbeing and proof of your existence. XD But the best part about this is that when you do finally make time to see each other, it's really, really special. 



  1. Fun fun! I see how this relates to lots of people, even those of us with dual credit classes at the community college and tons of babysitting jobs. :) I have a weird schedule as well.

  2. this list is hilarious. and I'm sure very accurate ;)

  3. I totally relate to this!! I only work one job but it's full time and then I take classes part-time on the side. This fall I hope to invert that and study full-time while working part-time. Needless to say, at the end of the day, I don't feel very social but I feel very satisfied after accomplishing a long day's work. Also I only really have time for my sister and family on the weekends. Haha. Who needs friends. ;-)

    Also...Payday is where it's at. :o)

    Dani xoxo
    a vapor in the wind


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