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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

first off: happy march! we made it to spring. good job, fam.

I think it was when I first started reading Victoria's blog, and saw how good she looked in them, that I first wanted a pair of culottes. There was just something about the cropped trouser that immediately caught my attention: it's chic, but it's different. It's fashionable without being wild. There's an almost je ne sais quoi about a pair of high waisted lightweight-wool culottes that I cannot resist the look and feel of, you guys. (Not to mention I feel very Grace Kelly when I wear them...#realtalk.)

So naturally, when Banana Republic's navy wool pair went on sale, I snagged 'em.

And I'm in. love.

Now naturally, styling copped wide-leg trousers can be a bit different. You can't just throw them with any old shoe (knee high boots, for example, probably wouldn't be the best choice...). But structured flats? Heeled booties? Pumps? (Even some really cool Adidas sneakers could work, with a fitted tank in the summertime...) Um, yes please.


They are just one of those pieces that when I put on, I feel instantly confident, like a pair of really well-fitting jeans, or a great LBD. They just work, and I feel good in them, and that is really what fashion is all about to me. Not wearing things because they are "on trend", or because someone else is wearing them, but wearing what makes you look and feel good (they tend to overlap, I've noticed) and that you like. Find what feels good, and stick with it.

Moral of the story? I think I'm going to be adding more culottes to my wardrobe. :)

Outfit Details:
Sweater: Forever 21, old, similar
Crossbody: Target
Shoes: Forever 21, old, similar
Sunglasses: Forever 21, old, similar

What's one piece you always feel great in?

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  1. That sweater deserves all the heart eye emoticons in my book. :)


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