Spring 2017 Life Goals

Friday, March 31, 2017

Since we're more than a week into the official Spring season, and April is tomorrow (say what?!), I thought now was as good a time as any to officially make my goals for this season. Spring for me has always been a season of cleaning out and simplifying, whether physically/mentally/emotionally/etc, so that I can dive into Summer feeling fresh and light. (Is that just me?)

This is what I'd like to accomplish over the next two months!

1.  F I N I S H   T H E   S P A C E   T R I L O G Y
I just finished Perelandra (my second time reading it) two days ago, so I'm nearing the finish line with this goal! In general, I'm just trying to be intentional about making time for reading more. I'm already behind on my reading goals for the year as a whole, so I need to get back on track! It's difficult to make myself sit down and read after a long day of work, when I know watching an episode of Gilmore Girls (or whatever the show du jour may be) is so much easier...but once I actually sit down to read, it's always much more rewarding. ;)

2.  C R E A T I V E   C O N S I S T E N C Y
My writing has been so sporadic the past months. And honestly, I don't expect it to become any more consistent, or to make any huge headway in my novel side-projects for a while, simply because of what my life is right now: work, and ultimately school. What I would like to institute is a bit of consistency of purpose: instead of hopping around from one project to the next, I'm focusing any extra creative energy the next two months to one single project (if i'm successful at making a bit of progress in this department, would anyone want to read snippets?)

3.  C L E A N   O U T   M Y   D E S K   /   F I L E S
This one is plain-and-simple: I need to clean out, and reorganize the way my desk works! I've really piled up a lot of clutter, somehow, and I just want it out and I want space. Which leads me to the next goal...

4.  B U Y   L E S S   /   L O V E   M O R E
After this post about minimalism, you're probably thinking "really, Carmel?" - but it's true. As much as I'm a maximalist in my closet, I'm really not in any other aspect of my life. If it's not essential, it goes. I'm pretty good at getting rid of things, but what I'm not as good at is not buying things in the first place: being a smart shopper and really thinking long-term about every purchase. I don't want to become a person so bogged down by things. So that's something I'm really trying to focus on these next two months; minimizing clutter not just by clearing it out, but by keeping those empty spaces empty.

5.  R U N   2   M I L E S
I really haven't mentioned this here on the blog, probably because it kills me to have to recognize that anything is actually going on, but I've been having shin pains in increasing consistency. The past couple weeks, I slowed down the running big time, and just walking instead for my workout-warmup.  It's so painful to feel like you have to go backwards before you can go forwards, especially when one of my main goals this year was to improve my running endurance, but between stretching, long and incredibly cautious warmups, and taking things slower than I naturally want to, the pain has been nonexistent this past week, and I've even run twice. Praise the Lord! 

So my final, tentative, goal for Spring would be to build back up to two non-stop miles (which is where I was at at the start of the year). Obviously, if my shins get worse, this goal will have to be scratched, but here's to thinking optimistically! :)

What goals are you working towards at the moment, big or small? 

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