Friday, March 10, 2017

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Hello + Happy Friday, friends! 

While it may not technically be Spring yet, for all intents and purposes, i.e. in my closet, it is. And though snow is in our forecast for the weekend (still not sure how I feel about that?!) it's been 60-ish degrees since like the middle of February, and if that doesn't spell "spring wardrobe", I don't know what does! 

In general, I prefer not to follow trends too closely because I know if I do, in a few years I'll look back and laugh. But at the same time, trends are the fun of fashion! And fashion is nothing if not fun. 

These are the 2017 Spring Trends I've been loving and looking forward to wearing more as the season continues!

1. The Neckscarf
It's here to stay, and I could not be happier! This is a retro trend that I've (clearly) been loving for months, ever since catching glimpses of it on the runway back in September. The best way to style the neck scarf? With a lower-neck top (or a crew neck sweater!) and some high-waisted jeans.

2. Gingham
It's everywhere you guys, and it's so cute! I'm definitely all about this trend, whether it's a classic gingham blouse, a fitted gingham dress, or a watercolor-gingham print pant. I'm a fan.

I've found that the basic print looks best paired with neutrals and soft pastels...

3. Sweet Silhouettes
It's been said that in a world increasingly technology-driven and utilitarian, we're taking solace in softer, more feminine fashion-- and I'd definitely agree. We're seeing a return of longer hemlines and looser fits, especially where dresses and skirts are concerned, and overall just sweeter designs, reminiscent of childhood in their playful cuts and styles.

The key with playing with this trend is balance! To keep from looking either matronly or childish, balance a longer or looser silhouette with something more fitted, or sharp; something modern or bold.

4. Off The Shoulder 2.0: The Flounce
This trend I love in theory...but it's definitely harder to pull off than some. (It seems every off-the-shoulder pieces is either too loose or too tight across my shoulders, but maybe that's just me.) Last year we saw the return of the off-the-shoulder top, this year it's come back embellished: with foldover edges, ruffles, feathers, tie-sleeves or flounces.

It's definitely more of a bold trend, best paired with simple counterparts, but the off-the-shoulder top can look fantastic when done right. :)

5. Block Heels
I'm all about this throwback trend...I mean, what's more casual-chic than a simple block heel? To keep from looking too much like a 90s-rom-com, pair these with a nice pair of skinny jeans or a fitted skirt...basically, they look best with more polished pieces to balance the casual, in my opinion. :)

Which trend are you most excited to play with this season?


  1. I love ALL of these trends, but especially the gingham! I love gingham.

    1. SAME. I need more gingham in my life [closet]. <3


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