Spring Break Packing List

Friday, March 24, 2017

This is the post I was intending to share last week - so perhaps because of that, it's not quite as relevant now...oops! Still, in the case that you haven't had spring break yet, I've compiled a little packing list / lookbook of cute bits and essentials for your travels! I tried to focus on things that I usually forget, but always wish I had when I get to the beach - because I know most spring break trips tend to be there!  Hopefully this is helpful...and if you're traveling this weekend, safe and happy travels to you!
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Easy to forget, and also easy to get squashed in your suitcase, this is one of the things you pretty much can't live without at the beach! I recommend bringing two pair: one in your hand luggage, packed in a case if you can get one, and one in your suitcase (put inside a closed shoe if you don't have another case available). I've linked the pair I'm currently dreaming of...

I'm not really one to wear a lot of makeup at the beach, but I do always put a little SPF foundation on, for general sun protection of course! but also to keep from worsening acne scars. I linked my favorite from Rimmel - not only does it have an SPF factor of 25, but it also lasts really long, which in water/sand/sun is absolutely necessary! It's not waterproof (I would recommend this one for that purpose) but it does a decent job and best of all, it's easy on the budget. :)

I made the mistake of only bringing buckle-on sandals last year to the beach, and it became so much of an annoyance that I went without (and burned my feet on the hot sand...not fun. XP)
Of course you'll want your pretty sandals for dinners and going out, but during the day on the beach, the best option is a cheap pair (like Old Navy $1 flip flops). That way you can wear them all over without worrying about taking care of them, and if at the end of the trip they're ruined, you're only out a couple dollars!

It's still early in the season, and beaches are always colder at night than I anticipate. Do yourself a favor and don't ruin your evening by staying in, or going out and shivering the whole time! (Maybe that's just me. I'm always cold. XD) Still, having a lightweight sweater or two slipped in your suitcase is a game changer, and something I always forget! I've found some really nice ones here & here, and this cute ruffle one here.

I know this sounds like the most random thing, but bear with me here! All the salt and chlorine can do a lot of damage to your ends in a short amount of time. I usually do a coconut oil hair mask once a week anyway, but oils can be really tricky to travel with, so if you're looking for something more transportable, I linked a really good hair mask as well as my favorite leave-in conditioning product. Both have saved me from all kinds of crispy-hair-crises and are also very afforable. :)

Are you traveling for spring break this year? If so, where are you off to? (And if not, where would you like to be off to? I'm dreaming of Cape Town, South Africa, because how awesome would that be?)


  1. I went to the beach with my family and it was fantastic! ;D
    I underestimated how cold it would get, so I should've taken more sweaters.

    1. I'm so glad you guys had a good time! (Even if it was chilly. ;)


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