The 3 Sugarless Desserts That Are Getting Me Through Lent

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I may or may not have mentioned on here that I'm doing a sugar-fast for Lent again this year!

I've done it the two years past, and last year I managed to maintain it (but for 1 monthly splurge) until about Thanksgiving-ish. I started my third job then, and between all the temptation of the holiday season and the (probably partially unnecessary) stress of adding that new job, I fell out of step.

via tumblr // ^^how I feel when I find sugarless desserts that taste amazing^^
So when Lent came around again this year, even though it's not too much of a challenge at this point, I decided to fast from sugar again, as a good way to get back on track! In the years past, it was a good way to create good new habits, and to reinforce good old ones - and that was always the purpose of Biblical fasting, too: to cut the distractions and refocus on your Purpose.

All that to say, when you fast from sugar, you're going to want a sweet-supplement. 

It's natural! So how do you work around that? There are a lot of sugarless cooking options that I would indulge during the rest of the year (dextrose is an excellent fructose-free sugar replacement, in case you wanted to know), but since I really want to focus on less sweets in general, I've been experimenting with more naturally-sweet food combinations, and have come up with some pretty fun replacements!

INSTEAD OF: Chocolate Covered Strawberries
TRY: Peanut Butter and Strawberries

-A dollop of natural peanut butter (most stores should sell a kind with just peanuts and salt), a couple strawberries dipped in, and a chilled glass of unsweetened almond milk on the side is one of my favorite treats. Also ridiculously good: dates + peanut butter. oh heeeeck yes. 

INSTEAD OF: Hot Chocolate
TRY: Cafe Mocha
I've recently discovered the magic of a spoon of cocoa powder in coffee, + a little splash of your milk of choice. YOU GUYS. It's got all the rich, thickness of hot chocolate without the sweetness. It's got all the nutty flavor of coffee, but thicker and chocolatier. It's awesome (and probably really good over ice, too).

INSTEAD OF: Cinnamon Doughnut
TRY: Cinnamon Tostadas
Finding flour tortillas without sugar as one of the ingredients requires a bit more effort, but it's certainly not impossible. Once you have them, I like to grill one in a pan with a coconut-oil-and-honey slurry, a pinch of sea salt, and a sprinkle of cinnamon...They puff up, get crispy and sweet, taste like something in between a cinnamon-sugar pretzel and a doughnut, and they are awesome (best hot).

Let me know, if you try one of these, what your thoughts are!
Cheers + happy sugar-free-ing!


  1. I'm hungry now ;) These all sound delicious!
    I made a particularly awful cup of coffee the other day and dumped hot cocoa mix in it out of frustration. Turned out pretty good!

    1. Haha I'm so glad it worked out for you! I mean as far as tasty things go, you can't really go wrong with coffee and chocolate. ;)

  2. Did I Pin this just now for the dog picture? Yes, yes, I did! *heart eye emojis*

    Excellent post as well! :)

  3. I like these ideas - especially the cinnamon tostada one. :)

    1. Be careful with those tostadas - once you start making them, they become addicting. ;)


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