The Chic Sheet, v. 22

Saturday, March 11, 2017

So we got the promised snow this morning, and I'm crossing my finger that work gets cancelled (#southernerperks) but in the meantime, here are the links I've been loving from the week!

If you're new around here, welcome to The Chic Sheet, where each week I gather together the fun things around online that have made me laugh, smile, or think deeper each week. Also included: pretty things, because they are pretty. ;)

The Chic Sheet, v. 22
Hero Smells Like
I can't remember how exactly I found this Tumblr blog, but you better believe when I did I spent a good 20 minutes there, plugging in names and cracking up at the results! The premise of the blog is a cheeky writer's tool: enter your characters' names, and it pulls up two things that said character "smells like." But of course, I just threw in my name/names of family members/people I know, and had too many laughs at the surprising accuracy of this thing! If you try it out, I want to know - what do you "smell like" (ha!)?? (I'm "ink and stamina".)

New Kate Spade Collection
I'm obsessed with the newest Kate Spade novelty collection: all the fringe and eastern-inspired colors and stitching-designs are too gorgeous! In a dream world with a bigger budget (😩) I would buy this amazing Robson Lane Luxe Darcy, or this amazing "Spice Things Up" Camera bag. (I mean, it's a camera-shaped bag. What more do you need to know? ;D)

"Divide", Ed Sheeran
I waited until this week to talk about the new Ed Sheeran album, because I wanted to listen to it fully and give a more rounded opinion! As a long-time lover of Ed, I was naturally very excited - and though there are a couple songs that sound more mainstream pop than old Ed Sheeran (I guess it was going to happen eventually...:/) for the most part, I've been loving this album. "Galway Girl" and "Nancy Mulligan" have to be my favorites (that Irish folk sound is just so good) but I also love "Hearts Don't Break Around Here", "Barcelona," "Bibia Be Ye Ye" and more! Also "Eraser" is perfect for workouts and I'm loving it while I run!

4 Luxe Ways To Style Your Leather Jacket
Jenny from Margo and Me always has the most beautiful outfit posts, so of course it's no surprise that I was swooning over this one...but her leather-jacket styling tips are also top notch! I only have one leather jacket, and it's not really the best fit, but I'm still planning on putting these into action and hoping to elevate it until I can find a better one!

That's all for now folks --- until Monday!

Happy Saturday!


  1. I smell like donuts and my dream world that's accurate x) and I just spent a long amount of time running my siblings and friends names' through.
    I love the Kate Spade collection!

    1. Donuts and luxury - I love that! XD Totally accurate. ;)


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