The Chic Sheet, v. 23

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hello SATURDAY! The weekend could not be more welcome! Even though this week has been productive (actually very productive), I'm ready to slow down a bit and read a book! I was just remarking to a friend, actually, that I haven't just sat and simply read in ages, and I'm hoping to make time for that this weekend. I'm currently working on Perelandra, for the second time, and I'm really enjoying it...

So yes - definitely slowed down this morning, as you might have noticed, by how late I'm writing this post. It's good to just sip coffee and chat at home, and I want to enjoy these slow moments whenever I can.

The Chic Sheet, v. 23

Emma Watson's Beauty Regime | Into The Gloss
As a bit of a beauty junkie, I've always been a fan of Emma Watson's makeup...natural skin with freckles peeking through, a delicate flick of eyeliner and a punchy red lip? So gorgeous. Recently, Into The Gloss shared an interview with Emma, in which she talks us through her makeup kit! Maybe    I'm just a nosy lass but I thoroughly enjoyed reading through all the bits she regularly reaches for. :)

Anthropologie Monogram Mug
I finally bought myself an Anthropologie monogram mug and I'm pretty happy with it so far! I ended up getting the gold foil one, as opposed to the plain black one (the store didn't have any "C"s in black) - and though I do think the gold is pretty, I'm kind of wishing I had gotten black, as the gold foil is non-microwaveable. (When you drink black coffee, microwaving it is a regularity, as there's no cream to curdle!) Also, because the handle is so small, it does make it easy to pick it up without sloshing, but it means you can't find your hand in between it and the mug to swaddle...and I love swaddling. (I'm loving this french bulldog one for that purpose...though I really don't need another mug. XD)

The verdict? Beautiful mug, but I'll probably be using it for pens on my desk as decoration, instead of drinking out of it. And I'm totally okay with that arrangement!

Blue Toile Twin XL Sheets
So when I picture my dorm room, the main thing I really would love to make reality is blue toile bedsheets. You know I'm a history nerd, but my love for blue toile extends beyond my dreams of being a modern-day Martha Jefferson, and into an overall French Provincial design aesthetic that I adore. But Twin XL-sized sheets are notoriously limited in style, and I can't seem to find anything even remotely blue or toile-esque in that size. I'm close to just settling for pillowcases, but before I do, I wanted to come to you all and ask (particularly those already in college) - where did you buy your sheets? I don't want to leave any stone uncovered, so any and every idea is welcome and appreciated!

Alright my dears - I hope your weekend is blessed and beautiful. <3 nbsp="" p="">



  1. Emma Watson is so lovely- she was perfect in Beauty and the Beast! I loved reading about what products she uses.
    As for sheets, I bought mine at TJ Maxx, but I wasn't super picky about what pattern they were. I knew I wanted pretty neutral ones and ended up with a set with words on them and one with elephants.

    1. I need to see Beauty and The Beast still! I'm hoping to go this week...!

      That's a good idea-- TJ Maxx usually has cute prints and patterns, so I'll make sure to peruse our local stash a few times. :) Thanks, Riley!

  2. I know you wanted the black one, but I'm LOVING the gold! I like it even more than I did in the store. (Or maybe your photography is just that good. ;))

    Emma Watson's makeup is spot-on, and honestly, she just makes me jealous of her freckles. She and Eddie Redmayne. Lucky ducks.

    1. Ahaha okay...I do love the gold. I just like black *better*. ;)

      I KNOW. Can I have her skin please?

  3. Keep your Beauty and the Beast expectations low, and you might enjoy it more than I did. :P

    I haven't simply sat and read in ages either. Maybe soon as I finish one more blog post...

    Cute mug though!


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