The Search For The Perfect Classic Watch

Friday, March 03, 2017

Happy Friday!

I've been wearing the same black watch for about a year, and though before it was just an occasional accessory, now that I work in retail, I'm wearing it literally every day. Which means, I'm getting a little bored of wearing the same watch all the time. (A really serious issue, clearly. XD) I originally was going to just grab another similar watch from Charming Charlie, but this time in a cognac shade - but as I began searching, I realized how specific my criteria were, and decided to go slower. I wanted to find one to invest in: a really beautiful timepiece that I can wear for years. I'm also toying with the idea of an Apple Watch, instead of another wristwatch-- but I'm not completely sure I want to spend that much money yet. 

I've compiled all of the exact watches that I'm looking at, as well as my specific criteria + why. If you're looking to invest in a watch, but want to do your research first, I hope this is a helpful starting point for you! 

I've found scores of beautiful watches, mostly Kate Spade and Daniel Wellington, that I've decided against simply because the faces are difficult to read, whether because of the color of the numerals, the color of the face, or the size or shape of the hands. If I'm going to spend some $200 on a watch, I want it to be the best watch; and I know anything too artsy and difficult to read would ultimately annoy me more than anything.

I don't like gaudy watches. I think it looks cheap, to be honest, and overly (read: obnoxiously) flashy. I'm looking for something preferably with a slim, leather band, relatively simple in design, without any kind of glitz; something chic and relatively minimalist; something that is well-made but doesn't read "money" when you look at it.

Over time I've pretty much completely overhauled my jewelry collection to be only gold-colored pieces - which was pretty easy because I didn't have much silver-colored in the first place. I've just found that I look better in gold, and as a result tend to prefer gold. So in order for any watch I purchase to be versatile, it's going to have to have either gold or rose-gold hardware.

I tend to prefer smaller watches (this falls in line with #2, really.)

I was thinking of updating my phone this year; now I'm considering just getting a watch instead. When I'm working out, carrying my phone has to be the biggest hindrance. To have a portable device on my wrist (with a waterproof waistband, too) would be amazing...though it would mean I'd need to purchase bluetooth headphones as well (something I've been thinking about doing anyway). I'd also love to be able to track my steps when I'm on the clock at work, and don't necessarily have my phone on me, to get a better picture at how much energy I'm extending + therefore how much I should be eating on a given day. Furthermore, I think it would be incredibly convenient at college...but again, it's a much more expensive purchase.

Which watch is your favorite?
Do you have an Apple Watch? What are your thoughts?
Have you invested in a quality watch? What would you recommend?


  1. My only qualm with the Apple Watches is that I don't think they're very pretty...there's something so classic about an analog face that I don't think I'd ever willingly give up, watch-wise. Although let's be real: I don't wear a watch anyway.

    1. I agree, Rachel: there's definitely something more timeless about an analog watch face. (Ha! A timeless watch...) But I do think the Apple watches look very cool and professional with a blazer - while equally sporty when worn with a fitted thermal. Definitely trendy, but not obnoxiously so. ;)

      I never wore watches until I started working retail. I found them to be somewhat annoying? Now I can't live without one!

  2. Before I left for university I wanted to get a nice watch, with parameters that were similar to yours.
    I wanted a cognac shade as well, but all I could find were ones with gold hardware and I wear mostly silver jewelry. So long story short, I ended up with a white watch ;) I do love it though!

    1. Pity you couldn't find a cognac one with silver hardware! I know Fossil has a few, if you're still looking. ;)

      But a white watch sounds very chic. I applaud your choice! <3


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