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Monday, March 13, 2017

As spring comes around again, I'm getting the urge to clean out and purge and simplify. 

If you've read this blog for a while, you probably know I'm a pretty organized person. I don't say that in a look-at-me sort of way, but quite simply, I know I work much better when I've got everything in it's specific, orderly place, and as such, I tend to keep things that way as much as possible. I like to be neat, and too much clutter overwhelms me easily.

But when you say the word "Minimalism", it calls to mind a certain image of white walls and black accents, of little-to-no color, and a closet with 30 pieces or less. It speaks of simplicity to the max, constant purging and only neutrals and basics. And that's just not me.

I like color. I like kitschy accessories, and pieces that tell a story, and intricate, rich prints and yes, lots of black and navy too. And as a fashion blogger, it's almost impossible to be completely minimalistic without becoming boring. Some have done it successfully, and to them I have to raise a glass, because it's hard, you guys! To bring fresh life to the same pieces, time after time, is something that I (perhaps foolishly) don't have the patience to do: I'd rather be constantly discovering new and beautiful pieces to spice things up with; to bring new life to the staples in my wardrobe...Which is also why I shop mostly second-hand: it makes switching up your wardrobe much more affordable (and also more rewarding, in my opinion).

So I purge once again, at the precipice of the new season! But I'm trying to be more mindful with it this time around. In past years I've been hasty, and in my rush to just get more space, I'll sometimes pass on pieces that I'll then wish I had kept a few months later, and hold on to pieces that really should have gone. It's a process, and especially as my sense of style evolves and I grow and change as a person, its impossible to know exactly what you're going to want, and why, 6 months in the future. But that doesn't mean to can't purge and declutter, for fear of "what if" just means that I try to think more long-term.

I'm trying to find that happy little balance, between not-too-much and not-too-little, and though I know staunch minimalists would argue that it's "the perfect amount of everything", I've found I prefer a little more warmth myself. I believe it is possible to have a bright, patterned, pungent wardrobe that still coheres well together. It just may take a bit more thought, and I'm totally okay with that.

Neckscarf: Thrifted, similar here
Coat: French Connection, thrifted, similar here
Chambray shirt: J. Jill, second-hand, similar here
Sunglasses: old, similar

Are you a minimalist, a maximalist, or somewhere in between?


  1. Ah, I love this post! I've been wary of minimalism, but have also had that (eventually) "Too much stuff around me!" feeling. But I tend a little too much towards caution, as sometimes it'll take a whole day and I'll have just a small handful of stuff to get rid off, and I know there needs to be more.
    I was planning on tackling more decluttering today, so this was just the post I needed to see! :)

  2. I agree! Be careful with what you pass on, but don't keep what doesn't spark joy. The minimalist wardrobe would be boring without what you call 'spicy' pieces. Good luck as you declutter, from a fellow organized blogger. :)


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