My Gym / Workout Essentials (To Get More Out Of Your Workout)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Over the past year and a half of being on my own workout schedule, my ideas about fitness and health have changed drastically. I didn't realize how little I knew about true health (and all the gimmicky "health" foods/programs out there) until I started working at a gym, and I didn't realize how big a difference little things like what you're wearing/eating before or after can affect the success of your workout! I've found a nice little routine overtime that works for me, and there are a couple things I can't live without when I workout! (I say that semi-facetiously, though, because I'm a firm believer in getting it done + not giving up even if everything seems to be going against you. XD)

These are my gym essentials + current favorites!

No-brainer, this one. I can't workout with a full Camelbak of water (preferably not too cold so I can guzzle it quickly). I know some people like to use pre-workout or BCAA's in their water while they workout, but I personally am not a fan and prefer to go simple. If I'm really struggling to feel motivated beforehand I'll take a "shot" of strong, iced coffee about half an hour in advance!

For me, something that's always a must is music. I have a pretty epic-sized playlist built up at this point, just for working out, and that's my go-to...but I've also been testing out the Aaptiv fitness app this week, and it's pretty neat! Basically, it mixes a personal trainer in your ear with your perfect playlist, to keep you motivated while you workout. I usually do my own thing for workouts, but I know back at the beginning of last year, when I was starting out and had no clue what I was doing, this would have been a game changer! Even now if I'm having a lazy day and don't want to come up with my own workout, I can see this easily being a go-to! At only $9.99 per month, it would definitely be more affordable than a personal trainer, if you're wanting to push yourself to the next level. You can read more about how it works here!*

As a fairly endowed woman (ha), and a cardio junkie (if that's what you'd call it?) I cannot workout without a good quality sports bra. I struggled for years to find any that did a decent job, but in the past 6-ish months, I've finally found a few that I can rely on to hold me still while I'm sprinting, and that I know I won't fall out of when I'm lifting.  This one, this one, and this one from Target and Old Navy are my favorites - and they're decently priced, too.

I used to just use the Apple earbuds that come with your phone when I worked out, and to be honest thought the whole "wireless headphone" thing was kind of a gimmick. But constant sweat made the volume-capacity of those earbuds go down completely, and so when I had to replace them, I took a step in the right direction with some wrap-around-ear headphones. The difference is amazing! Instead of constantly jamming my headphone back in my ear mid-run, I put them on and they stay in place. They're water-resistant, which means that though I've used them for a few months now, the volume is still working full-blast. XD

I still have to worry about catching the cord in my hand while I'm running though (and consequentially sending my phone flying behind me on the treadmill.) (I speak from experience.) so I'm hoping to invest in some wireless ones eventually. For now though, these little guys are doing me well (especially for only $20).

What are the things you can't workout without? :)

*This post is in collaboration with Aaptiv. All opinions expressed are completely my own. 

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