Off-Day Style | #OOTD

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

It's funny how suddenly when you have to dress business-casual for most of the week, that off-day (and the freedom to wear sweats if you feel like it) is suddenly a beautiful, beautiful thing. Off day style, for me, means getting to wear sneakers and t-shirts and no makeup, and while most days I want to be more put-together, sometimes it's really nice to just be comfortable. 

Of course, I can't go so far as to be sloppy -- I'm still me, after all. XD Jeans + sneakers + fitted tees (or lightweight turtlenecks, as it were, because with all the rain we had over the weekend it's been a bit chillier!) are my go-to.

And of course, an iced coffee with a shot (not pictured), sitting by my hand. ;)

Tee: Banana Republic, old, similar
White fluff keychain: gift, similar
Watch: Merona
Sunglasses: old, similar

What do you wear on an off-day, whether from work or school?


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