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Saturday, April 01, 2017

I really wish I could tell you something interesting about this week, but other than the fact that last weekend's biscuits at Kitchen Notes in Nashville were straight up legendary (and I've spend the rest of the week scheming about how to recreate them), there's not a ton to share. Work keeps me busy, and in my spare time I'm reading That Hideous Strength (I finished Perelandra a few nights ago). Life goes on it's steady pace, and I'm content. :)

The Chic Sheet, v. 25

^the legendary biscuit, and a bit of jam because it was Sunday (thank goodness I didn't have to miss that for Lent!)

Finding The Perfect Tote Bag
I've been looking for a cute, durable tote bag to bring to work on days when I need to change from one activity to the next, or want to wear heels to work (but need a pair of flats to change into halfway through the shift. ;) Originally, I wanted a cognac-brown color, something faux leather and not expensive, but with enough structure that it could hold a bit of stuff and not look like a sack of potatoes, ha! I thought that was a really basic, classic design...who knew it could be so hard to find a tote bag? But when Carly recently shared a link to this scalloped-hem one from Nordstrom, I started scrolling through their tote bag selection, and I think I've finally found one that checks all the boxes...my only qualm? It's still a good $35 more than I want to pay for a faux leather tote...halp.

10 Minute Stovetop Granola | Lipstick and Gelato
BLESS YOU RACHEL, for sharing this stovetop granola recipe! I don't have time to make granola in the morning before work (I seriously doubt my sisters would appreciate me puttering around in the kitchen at 4:30 am!) so any recipe I want to make has to be done after work the night before. This recipe looks like just the thing even a tired + footsore Carmel can attempt and succeed at...and dashed with an unexpected spice? I can't wait to try this granola.

Another Day of Sun Outfit Post | Minnie Muse
I love getting to brag on my fellow bloggers (because they are amazing) - so can we take a moment for Madison's latest outfit photos? Absolutely adorable!

Spring For Classics | SarahKJP
In case you haven't noticed by some of these links, I'm a little behind in my blog post reading (I've got such a long list of links in my phone to catch up on, ha!) But I recently scrolled through Classy Girls Wear Pearls for this first time in weeks and I'm obsessed with her post about spring classics! I swear I would buy every piece she featured if I had the funds. And of course the photos are flawless, as always. (I also fell in love with this Palmetto look, while I was catching up on the archives...)

ThatJennyFreitag on Instagram
It's the time of year when I start looking around for a good handful of fast-paced novels for summertime reads. Last year I unintentionally ended up reading a handful of WWII historical-fiction novels (I feel so well-versed in my WWII history now, as a caveat!), but this year I know I definitely want to start with this recommendation from Jenny! I read the synopsis and I'm officially hooked. Jenny, you're a lifesaver.


  1. Both of my besties have great leather totes that are fancy and structured....and I've got a floppy canvas tote with a Doctor Who quote on it x) It may be time to invest in a leather tote of my own!
    I really enjoyed checking out all these links, Carmel!

    1. Hey, there's a place for floppy bags with Doctor Who quotes too, you know. ;)

  2. I'm sure it's way out of your budget as it's out of mine, but here is a perfect ~real~ leather tote for a good cause: https://www.livefashionable.com/products/mamuye-leather-tote

  3. Yeah... I'm on the hunt for a good more structured tote myself. It's hard to find good ones in an affordable price range. Also, I am fairly petite so finding one that doesn't look like it's almost as big as me is hard too.

    1. I'm sure that's difficult, Hanna-col! I'm 5'4'' and I still struggle with the size sometimes...but I like big bags because of their book-carrying capacities, so maybe that's my problem. XD


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