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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

After my big ol' closet clear-out a couple weeks ago, and getting rid of a lot of clothes that just didn't fit well anymore / were looking tired and worn out, I decided this weekend to pull out my spring and summer clothes! The weather has been pretty consistently warm, (at least as consistent as Spring can be) and as we've already had a couple 80-degree days, I figured it couldn't hurt to have my shorts and shorter dresses accessible! Until I realized that all but one pair of last year's shorts are too big (yay working out?) and I need to build up my summer wardrobe again. *le sigh*

Not that I'm complaining or anything, of course, (though I wish I'd known earlier and been budgeting specifically for a wardrobe overhaul): you know I'm always down to do a bit of shopping! I thought it would be fun to put together a list of the key pieces I'm looking for: just staples, the bare minimum: I'm working all summer anyway, and I'll be at school in the north come September, and starting to wear cold-weather clothes soon after that.  Still, you can only wear jeans so much in the heat of a southern summer - so these are the Spring wardrobe staples I'm looking to add to my closet!

It's just not spring until you wear denim shorts in my opinion!
My main problem with the ones I got rid of (besides their being too big, ha!) was what I've dubbed "respectability". I find it so difficult to find a pair of jean shorts that aren't bermuda length (really not flattering on me), without their being distressed beyond recognition, or so short that they hardly cover your bum! I've yet to try on our denim shorts at Banana Republic, but I bought some tailored black ones and they're perfect! Might have to invest in a pair of denim ones now...

Other shops I plan to scour are Old Navy and T.J. Maxx-- my usual haunts! I've also found really decent shorts at thrift stores in the past, so I'll definitely be looking there as well...

You never think you'll need a cardigan until you need one and it's too late. Too many times recently, I've been getting dressed and wishing I had just a little sweater to throw over my shoulders: whether for indoor events when the AC will be blowing, or evenings when a sleeveless top isn't quite enough. I'm looking for something not too heavy, a light grey color, and easy to wear with anything. Maybe I'm looking for a perfect world in this cardigan (hehe) but I like to keep my standards high. ;) I'm currently eyeing this classic one from Target!

I love the look of white sneakers with jeans, or little springy dresses for more casual affairs...and though I've always been a fan of the look, I've never actually bought a pair! This year I'm especially determined, because I don't have a pair of sneakers cute enough to wear to work - and some days I just really want to wear comfortable shoes, you know? I'd love something like this...

As an alternative to shorts, I'd love to finally find a denim skirt this year...I've talked about getting one for quite a while now, and the main place I know I need to look is at the consignment shops and thrift stores in the area. I think Forever 21 or HM may also have some good options!

Maybe I've been watching too much Gilmore Girls (likely) but I'm still loving that retro look, and I know I'd wear the life out of a cute, cropped denim skirt.

I've been loving the shirtdress trend this season, and would love to add one (in a pale blue/pinstripe, ideally!) to my closet. There are so many cute ones on the market at the moment, like these two from Banana (1, 2), this one from J. Crew, and of course a score of epic options from Tuckernuck. In budget options, Forever 21 has some cute options, as well as Nordstrom Rack.

What are some spring wardrobe staples you can't live without?  

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