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Friday, May 05, 2017

I don't know about you, but my idea of a good weekend is usually some variation on a 2-day chill out session. Whether that pans out in a picnic in the park, when the weather is nice and friends are in town, or just simply crashing on the couch with the girls and watching a sappy movie together, we like to keep things low-key and relaxed around here. There's enough time to be uptight during the week: the weekend, to me, is to decompress and just rest!

(That being said, I usually don't have 2-day weekends...#thatovertimeworklyfe...still. Saturday evenings and Sunday are my "me" time, and I don't usually schedule anything, and I've found it's the best that way.

That doesn't mean it has to be a boring weekend, of course! Especially when the men of the house are out of town, we love to make a thing out of it and have a fun night of sappy movies, junk food and the type of heart-to-heart conversations you can only really have at late hours of the night. I know I've shared my movie night essentials here before, but this guy's a little bit different...

How To Have The Best Girls Night In

The best nights are the spontaneous ones. Get a couple movie or TV show options ready, and go with what you feel like watching at the moment! At the same time, however...

Otherwise you'll be driving up to the library to grab movies, in the pouring rain, while the rest of the squad gets started on dinner (true story). Which is just not as fun. If you know a couple days in advanced that you'll all be home for a movie night, get as much as you can done beforehand, so so can relax and enjoy your free time, instead of running around!

Like, lots of them. Maybe not Gilmore-Girls-level amounts of junk food, but it definitely can't hurt to have options on hand. This is half the fun of the movie night! My sisters and I love Boom Chicka Pop kettle corn, sour patch kids, and vanilla oreos (with peanut butter, if you're feeling decadent...). A homemade pizza may seem cliche, but nobody does margherita pizza like we do at home, so that's our go-to. Breakfast for dinner is also a favorite option. Get messy + food prep together to maximize your time, (and dance around to Chicago + Van Halen if you're anything like us!). 

4. CLEAN UP BEFORE YOU START (or call an intermission to tidy up halfway through)
Otherwise you'll end up passed out on the couch at 1 AM, with a stack of dishes in the sink needing cleaning. Not fun. (And also a true story...oops. XD)

Nothing spoils a good movie night like being that one person constantly texting / scrolling through Instagram. Even if the movie wasn't your choice, I promise you'll have more fun watching it with your girls than scrolling through your phone by yourself during the movie. At the risk of sounding like your mom: Instagram isn't going anywhere, but time together is precious. 

My sisters and I watched The Notebook a couple nights ago, and quite frankly, weren't too impressed. But because we watched it (and critiqued it, ha!) together, it was still a pretty fun night. (We also followed it up with Brooklyn, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite chick flicks ever, so that doesn't hurt.) Which is proof that it's not about what you're watching, but who you're watching it with. Sappy? Ridiculously so. True? Yeah, that too. 

What's your favorite way to do a girl's night in? 


  1. Okay I totally agree about the phone thing! I've also learned I can't concentrate on or track the movie if I'm on my phone. It's kind of sad. XD

    1. Yep, same here! We love to think we can multitask, but truth is (on most thugs, at least), we can't. :P

  2. Ah! Love these tips! Now I need to have a girls' night...with snacks like in Gilmore Girls and no phones like Luke's Diner. Haha!

    1. Ahaha! I didn't even think of the "no phones" rule, Madeline! Love it. XD

  3. I'm about to have a girls night in! We've already got a movie planned and I'm prepared with lots of blankets and random snacks ;)


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