How To Have A Perfect Picnic (featuring Advice Emily Didn't Know She Was Giving)

Friday, May 19, 2017

It's summertime, which is basically synonymic in my head for let's do literally everything outside. Especially food. There's little better to me than summer sun, food, games, friends, laughter: dining plein air is always, always my preferred method. 

However, I don't know if it's just me, but every picnic I've attempted ended up kind of failing. Maybe I didn't plan enough, maybe I didn't pick the right people, maybe I just have Bad Picnic Luck, if that's a thing (lol) -- but either way, all my past picnics have been sticky, sweaty situations with lots of bugs and food all the same temperature, temperamental siblings/friends and yeah, I'll admit, a little bit of boredom once the food is gone.

Recently, however, Emily and I had a picnic and - no joke, you guys - it was straight dreamy. We were relaxed, the weather was great, the food was good and honestly it ended far too soon.

We talked about why our past picnics had failed, and why this one was so phenomenally better, and we came up with a couple tidbits that I'm sharing today, so that you too can have success in your picnics (because you know you want a good picnic in your life).

The reason behind most of my picnic failures has been a lack of time to get good food prepared, or to find the perfect, out-of-the-way spot. As much as I love impromptu adventures, I know myself and my tendencies, and I'm just much more prone to enjoy said adventure if I've had time to make it what I want it to be (or as close to that perfect picture in my head as possible, haha!). 24 hour notice, for me, please! XD
Too late in the summer, and the bugs come out and (if you live down south, at least) it tends to get quite humid and muggy. Too early in the spring, and the chilly weather that is pleasant while you're moving around can get pretty cold when you're sitting still! May is really the best month for having picnics, at least in my opinion, so I'd definitely suggest planning one soon!
If you do decide to do your picnic later in the season (which is still doable, just requires a bit more prep) I'd recommend sitting in the shade. Not only is the temperature more consistent, but you avoid getting burned from long hours in direct sunshine. Plus, your food will last (and taste) better if it's not been baking in the afternoon sun. 
(Especial props to Emily for pointing this one out.) Some people just aren't picnic people. And that's OKAY. (They're probably library people, and those types of people are really great when you want to go to the library.) But today, find a friend who isn't bothered by bugs, or heat, or picky about food, or put off by cold pizza and get outdoors. It'll be better for your friendship - and your picnic - to choose the outdoorsy one. XD
The best picnic places are away from instead, bring some books, magazines, or music to listen to while you chill! Also if you have an eno, this is definitely the recommended form of sitting (after eating, of If anything, it provides hours of entertainment trying to get gracefully into it, ha! But honestly: if you've never sat with a friend in an eno and just watched a summer afternoon sky, sharing your favorite music or just need to go do that ASAP. I promise your life will be blessed by that experience. 

picnic blankets (similar, similar) / watch

Are you a picnic person? What do you find makes the difference between a good picnic and a failed one?


  1. Love this! I feel like I could become a picnic person now. I love the long conversations outside with good friends and good food!

  2. Well, well, well. I'm more inspiring than I thought. ;) A few key notes you left out: the pizza actually wasn't cold (in fact, it was just right), make sure you download your music beforehand because... well, no wifi, and also these cookies were #glutenfree which needed to be noted. Because #blessed.

    Okay. That is all. Now I'm hungry for all this yummy food again, and also some more picnics with you! <3

    1. Ahaha TRUE! (Spotify was not a sponsor of this picnic, apparently??) And your cookies were THE BOMB, especially for being gluten free. Major props. ;)

  3. this is amazing! I'm inspired to go on a picnic, now. With these tips, it will be fab!

    Did you make the pizzas?

    1. Yay, glad to hear it Hannah!

      Yep! :)

    2. Fun! Where did you find the recipe?

    3. I just kinda threw something together (I've made a lot of Margherita pizza before, so I don't really use recipes oops!) , but here's a recipe for a Margherita Pizza that's pretty good-- Best of luck!

  4. I used a gigantic two-person eno for the first time a couple of weeks ago with a dear friend... I didn't even know what they were before, but it was an absolutely glorious experience. :D

    Also, that pizza looks uh-MAZ-ing.

    1. Yes, that's what we used! It was so fun! :D

      And thanks - it was pretty delish (and now I'm hungry again, ha!).

  5. I am such a picnic person but picnics - just like dinner parties, really do require the best people. :)


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