Monday Inspiration, 22.05.17

Monday, May 22, 2017

via tumblr, (as are all the images in this post. :)

Happy Monday, friends! 
By the time you read this post, I'll be en route to a to-be-disclosed location for our family summer road trip! If you want to keep up on our adventures this week, I'll no doubt be sharing lots of food + travel tidbits on Instagram, so be sure to follow along for current updates! 
Now: to the pre-scheduled posts. :)

Because I haven't shared a Monday Inspiration post in a long time, and I've been feeling the need for some fresh inspiration myself lately, today is a handful of photographs that make me want to improve my craft, dress better, and live (even if just the tiniest bit) more beautifully. In a world full of deteriorating values, let's be women and men who uphold that elegant standard. 

aaaand now I want pancakes.

I hope your Monday is fresh, your work excellent, your time well-spent and your words full of grace and intelligence. Have patience with yourself. Our God is so much bigger than all the tiny stuff.



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