Parisienne Again | #OOTD

Monday, May 08, 2017

Through all my style morphings over the years (and I've definitely come a long way/changed a lot from the hot-pink-zebra-stripe-rocker-chic I embodied in 5th grade), there is one style that is forever my inspiration, and that is parisienne. (Betcha didn't see that one coming.)

They say when everything around you is changing, you tend to hang onto the things you can control, the safe things, like familiar foods, and music, and people. For me, French-inspired style is exactly like that. If I'm having a day where nothing seems to be working, or even when I don't feel like wearing anything in my closet: stripes, black, and neutral classics always make me feel good in my skin again. 

I recently picked up this trench coat (super affordable at Old Navy!), and let me tell you: it's a game changer. I've always known I'd need a trench coat in my life, but especially since we've plunged back into cooler temperatures this past week, I didn't realize how much I was lacking some sort of light, spring jacket! I know everyone talks about having a staple denim jacket, but if you're like me and wear jeans all the time, (and don't fancy looking like Britney and Justin circa 2001), it's not really that practical. But a trench coat? Now that's something you can pair with anything.

Outfit Details:
Striped turtleneck: old, similar
Lightweight Trench Coat: Old Navy
Cropped black trousers: Old Navy "The Harper" Pant
Embroidered block heels: Chinese Laundry via DSW
Double-strap watch: Target
Sunglasses: Old Navy

What are your "comfort food" closet items? What pieces do you wear when nothing else works? 


  1. I love this look - and i agree about trenches. i need to get a good one again - the one i bought once at a thrift store is too short in the arms. When I need a lift I always give my legs a fresh shave and put on an A-line dress and a flick of eyeliner.

    1. There is literally nothing like a fresh shave to lift my mood. It's hilarious how simple it is. XD

  2. You look FANTASTIC! These pictures look like you're in Central Park, and I love them.
    I always return to neutrals and basic t's in my every day style.

    1. AH THANKS. And wow, I wish I was in Central Park! Haha. :)

      T-shirts (especially really soft ones) are my love language, I'm pretty sure. <3


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