Soft Mint Oxford + Rambling | #OOTD

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tapping into something a bit preppier for today's outfit post. Because why not? ;)

I actually shot these photos pretty early in the morning, which I usually don't get the chance to do, and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I need to shoot at the early golden hour more frequently! There's really nothing to rival morning light (and these photos don't nearly do it justice, of course).

I have a confession: I'm doing that mean blogger thing today, where I wear an item that isn't sold anymore, and I'm sorry. I did try to avoid sharing this one, since I knew I couldn't find one exactly the same anywhere, but I'm just too obsessed with that soft mint shade to not share. I found it hidden in the back of the sale rack at Banana Republic, and unfortunately it's no longer available...I did link the same style of shirt, which comes in a handful of other gorgeous pastel shades, but the mint is, lamentably, gone. I also linked a couple other similar options for you, so hopefully you don't hate me too much now. ;D

^When you're just so dang excited that vacation is less than a week away. #so #close

Outfit Details:
Banana Republic Dillon Blouse (mint color no longer available): exact, similar, mint gingham
Leather Loafers: Crown Vintage via DSW
Knock-off Dior earrings: old, similar
Sunglasses: Old Navy
Leather Double-Strap Watch: Merona

Random Question du jour: what are your blogger pet-peeves? (I can't stand seeing other bloggers talk down to their readers. Ick.)


  1. We forgive you for posting an unavailable item since you are always so sweet to link them all the rest of the time! 💛

  2. Okay, this is a question I have: since you're not a flat-chested sort, HOW did you find a button-up that actually worked with your bust? I have never found a button-up that worked over my chest but didn't swim on me elsewhere.

    1. Oh man-- good question! It's definitely tricky, but I really like the way Banana Republic's Dillon-cut blouses fit. They're fitted through the arm but have a bit more space through the chest than your typucalblouse. Their Parker-fit is great too, just a tunic length! I would definitely recommend going into the store and trying one on.

      That being said, it is still a *bit* snug through the chest (I always wear a cami just in case, ha!) and *pinch* wide in the waist. I roll the sleeves and tuck the shirt in and make do! But it's a wholeeee lot better than most button ups.


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