Hooked On A Feeling | The Chic Sheet, v. 30

Saturday, May 13, 2017

I've been in the best mood the past two days and I'm not completely sure why, but I am rolling with it! Life is speeding up, and the summer plans that seemed so impossibly far away during the cold February months are now here and about to go down, you guys. I'm so excited and also a little breathless at how fast these last two months have gone! Life is a messy, beautiful whirlwind and I'm so grateful for grace, as always. (Also weekends, sleeping in, and the fact that it's light at 5:30AM now when I'm going to work because heck yes that makes everything better!)

Grab a cuppa coffee, and welcome, my friend, to:

The Chic Sheet, v. 30

1. Hannah Everly Orange Skirt
Ever since I first discovered Hannah Everly's skirts a couple years ago, I've known I wanted one...it was just a matter of waiting for the *right* one. They are expensive (as they should be: they're beautiful, made-to-fit skirts!), and I really shouldn't get one right now because #budgets and all that but...gah. This orange print is just too. dang. adorable. Holy moly. *all the heart eyes*

2. At Home With... Podcast
Have I mentioned I've been into podcasts lately? I like to listen to one while I warm up + run my first mile! By the second mile I need something a bit more upbeat, but it's a great way to add in more self-education to my daily routine, and you know I'm all about that. My two favorite YouTubers, Lily + Anna just started their own podcast, and I couldn't be more thrilled!! I love both these ladies' channels, but haven't had much time lately to keep up with their videos, so I'm super excited to get to multitask and still enjoy a little Lily and Anna #realtalk in ma life. The topic of the podcast is exploring each weekly guest's home decor/lifestyle. Um, yes please!

3. Karlie Kloss + Derek Blasberg Explain The Midwestern Diet
I'm not from the Midwest, but I still cracked up watching this very informative, very scientific, exposé into the Midwestern diet. ;)

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Complete Playlist
The girls and I are hoping to go see Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 this weekend, and in preparation, I watched the first one (for the first time...I'm so behind, oops!) last night! So naturally this is my get-ready soundtrack this morning. XD I do love throwback music.

5. Bauble Bar Earrings
Bauble Bar is killing it with the earring game at the moment! I'm in love with these adorable KiKi drop earrings (they look like lemons and that is a major selling point for me, you guys), as well as these gorgeous Catalina tassel earrings. Makes me want to take off to Cancun with a straw bag, leather sandals and a white cotton dress...which probably makes me a walking Blogger-cliché, but ah, c'est la vie. XD

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


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