3 Quick Ways To Streamline Your Routine

Monday, June 05, 2017

Hello + happy Monday, friends! I took an unexpected hiatus last week, as you might have noticed, simply because I got home from vacation and crashed. There's always so much more to be done than we remember, isn't there? Anyway, I spent the week just playing catch up, and though I'm never "done", I'm definitely less behind than I was previously. So that's good!

Today I want to talk about something that's really important to me, and that's productivity. The older I get, the more important it is to me to be a good steward of my time. When I think of the way I used to spend over an hour getting dressed and doing my makeup in the morning, before slowly making my way to my work for the day, it makes me wonder how much more I could have accomplished with all that wasted time. That's not to say that there isn't value in a slow life (if anything, reading Flannery gave me a renewed respect for slower living) - but some things just aren't worth all that time. To me, I would so much rather spend hours cooking and having a long conversation at dinner, for example, than spending 45 minutes getting that perfect cat eye. ;)

And that's not to say I don't do cat eye eyeliner anymore, either - I just have to be able to flick it on in 3 minutes or less. XD 

Obviously, getting rid of any pieces from my closet that I genuinely don't wear (even if it's the prettiest thing, if I'm not going to wear it, it's just going to sit in my closet), and paring down my makeup routine drastically over the months of early mornings at the cafe (at some point, you begin to realize that only you know if you're wearing a different eyeshadow combination) have made my morning routine faster. But this spring, I wanted to take that to the next step and apply it more to my life at large. Namely: the way I go about this whole blogging thing. ☺️

More specifically, decluttering my internet life. Because whether you're a blogger or not, it can be so easy to waste hours scrolling through your phone and your inbox, before you begin or end your day - hours that could be spent reading a book, watching a movie, etc!
These are the new rules I've been implementing that have helped me cut back on time wasted, and make the most of what time I have!

I've subscribed to so many mailing lists over the years I've been blogging, and I didn't even realize just *how many*, until I started to unsubscribe. I mean, posts were still coming into my inbox from blogs I hadn't actually read in over 6 months, not to mention all the ads from companies to whom I'd given my emails to get that First Time Subscriber Extra 15% off!, or whatever. Every time an email comes in, unless it's from a company I'm working with or am affiliated with, I'm unsubscribing. Already my inbox is SO MUCH CLEANER, and in general I just get less junk mail. Which is so liberating. (Also: you don't get pesky reminders of sales, and therefore save money by not shopping. ;)

I know I can't be the only person who follows people on Instagram, or Pinterest, or Twitter, only to reach a point where you're scrolling past their content every time they post? It's nothing against them, it's just that people change, and maybe that person isn't really in your life anymore - so why are we spending time reading about how they ate a donut? Instagram's new algorithm filters your feed a little bit already, based off of your engagement with the people you follow (i.e. if you're not liking their posts for a while, they eventually won't show up in your feed). But I realized I was still following people who I genuinely do not know well enough to be spending that much time on, and Instagram was exhausting -- and when I started unfollowing a lot of those people, and my feed cleared up and every post was one I genuinely wanted to read? It's become so much fun again.

It's so cliche, but you know it's true: we can't be so invested in creating good content for our "internet lives" that we're not actually enjoying our real lives. You could have the most beautiful blog, the most curated Instagram feed, but if you can't carry out a conversation with someone in real life - if you can't love the people right in front of you - then you might need to reassess some things. But not only does unplugging help your mental wellbeing, it also makes getting work done a whole lot more efficient. If your work isn't Internet-related (read: homework) then you've removed the distraction. If your work is Internet-related, remove the extracurriculars and only use the apps that apply to what you're working on. Also, a little time away from your Internet work, if you can afford it, is also good to cleanse your creative palette. Even 20 minutes makes a difference.

IRONY: This post abut streamlining ended up a lot longer than I planned. XD

What are some ways you declutter your routine?


  1. Flawless advice! I'm playing catch-up too, and I am ready to unplug!!!

    1. I get that! Give yourself a little wiggle room, it makes a huge difference. <3


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