A New Take On The Q&A

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Just for a change of pace, I was recently thinking how fun it would be to do a Q&A over here! I haven't done one in years, and I have had so much fun with it in the past...
^at the adidas store in new york, aka where I could happily spend a lot of money. XD

But instead of having all the focus be on me, I wanted to use it for a constructive purpose. I want to hear from you, too, because even though I'm the one writing the blog, you all share excellent ideas in the comments on a regular basis, and I always enjoy getting to know everyone and seeing this little community grow! Because this blog is all about lifestyle excellence, and finding how to be a more graceful woman, here's what I want to do:

You, dear reader, are going to give the 
"advice,"or the answers.

I ask questions in every post, and everyone's answers are always a little different, but there's one thing you have in common: you all are striving for the same excellence that we always talk about. So as a way to bring fresh perspective on the idea, 

I want to hear your perspective on what elegance means.

Make it wordy, make it brief, make it humorous and witty, or make it serious; moving. Tell me how you find elegance in your own life, what makes you feel elegant, why you want to be elegant (if you want to be elegant, that is), why you do what you do and what you want to ultimately become. 

For me, I want to be the epitome of elegance, while maintaining spirit. I want to embrace gracefulness, with the knowledge that I don't need to flaunt my strength in order to prove it. I want to be so strong in character, that I can graciously defer to others, and know when my comment is not needed. I want to know when my comment is needed, and have the courage to speak truthfully and clearly. I want to speak well. I want to love well. I want to make others feel always at home, and never uncomfortable, or unwelcome. I never want to be so deferential that I can't speak up, for fear of hurting others' feelings. I never want to speak so indiscriminately, that I can't see how other people may be hurt by my words. Elegance, to me, is being able to know the difference.

I'll be sharing my favorite responses in next Monday's post!


  1. Elegance, at least for me, is always hard to pin down exactly. When I think of someone who has it though, I see someone poised and usually well-dressed, but not in a pretentious way, who is wholly present wherever they are -- a sort of noticeable intentionality that makes it difficult for them to ever appear rushed or harried. This serenity is an excellent carrier for kindness and compassion, two traits I definitely see as elegant. And perhaps the picture that most often ties together my idea of elegance is that of the consummate hostess, gracious and inviting to everyone she meets, whether in her home or outside of it.

    I think I feel most elegant when I put care into something. It could be myself, like nail polish or wearing heels :) or it could be gardening, learning a new song, making a new dish, or something that doesn't come quite so easily, like my job. I definitely will always be striving for elegance, because of the people in my life who are elegant. I admire them and how they make me feel, and that's something I want to have and share as well.

    P.S. Thank you for all the posts you put up here, Carmel! Since the first one I happened to see, I've enjoyed reading each one. They're a lovely capsule of informative thought that never fails to leave me inspired and uplifted. So keep it up!! :)

  2. Funny you ask. One of my college essays was supposed to be on my favorite word, and I chose elegance. Instead of leaving it in the comments (haha! you're all very welcome!), I'll link to it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1vsk6h7YqUUN0lRYUk4U2pCVTg

    I wrote this essay for the college I will now be attending in the fall. :) Enjoy!

  3. although it's a short definition, to me, elegance is the perfect blend of kindness and grace, with a dash of class.


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