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Monday, June 26, 2017

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Happy Monday, my friends! After a friend at work showed up with the cutest straw basket bag from Zara (sold out! I'm heartbroken!), I've been on the hunt for one of my own. I've always loved the idea of basket bags, but usually have found them too clunky or awkward, or just generally not secure enough to hold things in, (or at least I *feel* that way, without zippers or proper closures, ha!).

It appears that I haven't looked at basket bags in a while though, because after doing some research, I did come across several beautiful candidates. And though I'm still dreaming about the Zara one (it had a fabric drawstring closure, which solves the security thing for me without compromising style), there are definitely several here I wouldn't mind as an alternative. I wanted to showcase a variety here - there really is something for everyone - from large tote-style to tiny picnic baskets, some embroidered, some with leather handles, striped-colored straw, soft, structured, name it, it probably exists. (Except the Zara one, apparently. That no longer exists. XP) But can we just take a moment for their charm? I don't know when or how this happened, but lately, I've been all about the baskets.

I'm blaming you, Joanna Gaines. 

What are your thoughts on the basket bag? Yay or nay? 

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  1. I would possibly try the Swimoutlet one or the larger Indigo&Lavender. What a fun, summery item!


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