In Your Words: What Elegance Means

Monday, June 19, 2017

First off, can I say how fun it was to read you guys' responses? I loved hearing your insight and stance on what true womanly elegance looks like, and though for the sake of brevity I haven't shared everything, it's definitely worth going back and looking at if you haven't already!

But more importantly, thank you so much for sharing your hearts!

elegance: in your own words

"Christ Himself makes beauty from ashes. He created the loveliness in humanity and in nature. He knows how much the human heart thirsts for love, acceptance, confidence, and beauty. These desired qualities are crowned with and united by elegance. Elegance is my favorite word because it sums up the grace, confidence, and beauty I so want to exude." -Madeline

"When I think of someone who has [elegance], I see someone poised and usually well-dressed, but not in a pretentious way, who is wholly present wherever they are -- a sort of noticeable intentionality that makes it difficult for them to ever appear rushed or harried." -Mary

"To me, elegance is the perfect blend of kindness and grace, with a dash of class." -Riley

"I feel most elegant when I put care into something." -Mary

"Attitude" sums it up pretty well." -Lydia

"I always like to think of elegance as the feminine strain/expression of ultimate Christ-like-ness: like the greatest thing you could call me is an elegant, Godly woman." -Katy

"Elegance means being humble enough to admit when you're wrong, and having poise to continue on when you believe you are right." -Anne

"This quality of elegance pushes through doubt and holds onto the confidence that sets it apart from the rest of the world." -Madeline

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