Summer Travel Essentials

Friday, July 21, 2017

I don't have any further travel plans for the summer (though I have to say, Nantucket looks pretty dreamy at the moment!), I still wanted to take a moment and spotlight one of my favorite topics, before the season comes to a close. Traveling (especially long weekend trips) is the quintessence of summer to me, and there's little I'd rather scheme about than what to pack for a dream vacation! So here you have it:

My (Admittedly Idealized) Summer Travel Must-Haves
DREAM DESTINATION: Somewhere in the Mediterranean
NOT INCLUDING: knickers and toothpaste, because who wants to talk about that?

The biggest benefit of summertime travel is the simplicity of clothing: a couple of dresses, one pair of shorts and a tee or three are really all you need for week in the sun. I always love a good cotton sundress, but this year I've been especially drawn to the eyelet-fabric trend that's been peeking back through! I feel like a little girl again, in the best possible way. :)

Whether you're wearing a strappy sundress, a loose, drapey tee, or this season's go-to off-the-shoulder look, a strapless bra is a really good summer essential to keep in tow. It's one of those things that are so easy to forget, until you desperately need it - and they're so easy to get wrong too, especially if you have a larger bosom (fuller ladies, you know what I mean!). One I've had my eyes on for quite a while actually is ThirdLove's Classic Strapless Bra: it is more expensive, but all the reviews I've read are really convincing me it's worth the price point. You may be able to fake it with your regular bra, but when it comes to strapless, any off-sizing or discomfort can really become a pain to faff around with, and can make wearing your perfect summer dress something to be dreaded instead of enjoyed. 

ThirdLove has been kind enough to offer an extra 10% off your purchase, with the code TLJLY10! I know I'll definitely be trying one - especially since any bra you don't love within the 30-day trial period can be easily returned, for no cost (save shipping). :)

This needs little explanation: a easy sandal is an absolute must-have for me in the summer! Especially traveling, you can slip them on and off easily, and some can even fit in luggage as small as a handbag. Win-win-win!

I've been back on the signature-fragrance trail, and though I still can't say I've found my "one", I did find a pretty amazing gem, amidst sniffing myself silly at Sephora the other night. Philosophy's Pure Grace is absolute summer-heaven in a bottle. I swear they've made perfume out of sunscreen because that's exactly what it smells like (or at least, the top settles down to something a bit warmer and richer) and it's incredible. 

Last but never least, is it really a summer vacation without a cute straw hat? Packable options are harder to find, but well worth it when you get to your destination (if anything, it looks good in pictures and can hide unwashed hair for a good extra day or two). One that holds it's shape well and doesn't take up too much space is ideal, but if you're stuck for finding one, you can always just wear it on your travel days and bypass the suitcase question altogether. Looking extra chic, too, of course. ;)

What are your travel essentials for summer trips?


  1. I always pack some easy dresses and a bunch of books for our summer trips!

    1. Yes! A bunch of books are essential. <3 Thanks for sticking around, Riley. :)

  2. Oh my goodness! In the past months, I have fallen in love with ThirdLove. Haha! I just got the strapless, and it is a dream. 10/10 recommend, especially for summer!!!

    1. That's awesome, Madeline! More and more I'm so convinced they are well worth the price - I've heard nothing but good things about them! :)


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