Friday Five: 5 Podcasts to Try

Friday, August 11, 2017

I've mentioned a couple times that I love to listen to podcasts while I get ready in the morning...or while I stretch after a workout, or when I go for a longer, low-intensity run (sprints/faster runs need more upbeat music to get me through them, ha!). This lead to a couple of my real-life friends asking "okay, podcasts are a cool idea, but which ones should I listen to?" Great question. So glad you asked. :)

My Top Five Favorite Podcasts
(For those of us, i.e. me, just now getting into podcasts. ;)

1. One to make you think: "The Conservative Conscience" with Daniel Horowitz
I've mentioned this one at least once before, and, not gonna lie: this is definitely my favorite podcast because I feel like it gives me a well rounded, clear-minded update on what's going on in the world each week. Daniel Horowitz is not afraid to step on toes and tell the truth of the matter, but he most notably gives practical-application, knowledgeable solutions to the social, economical, and political issues of the day. There are anywhere from 1 to 4 new episodes in a given week, each around 35 minutes long, but even if I don't have time for more than 2, I still get a lot more out of it than I would 2+ hours of watching the news. Because there ain't nobody on the news being succinct these days, and I don't have time for diluted rambling. ;)

2. One to make you happy: "At Home With..." with Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton
This is such a fun podcast. Lily and Anna have been favorite beauty bloggers/YouTubers of mine for a few years now, so when they announced this podcast, I was pretty excited. The ladies chat about homes, ranging anywhere from the physical decor to the veritable feeling each week's guest's  home may exude. Exactly the sort of thing to listen to while cleaning, organizing, or winding down for the evening; like having some friends over to chat! ...only they can't hear you chiming in from the other side of the Atlantic. ;) 

3. One to make you smile: "That Sounds Fun" with Annie F. Downs
This is actually a new podcast to me - I just listened to my first episode last week, but I thought it was really sweet and worth a share. Annie covers just about anything she's currently loving in the show, from books to music to people - a bit like this blog, actually! She seems like she'd be lovely to chat with over coffee, and that's a little bit what listening to the podcast is like: down to earth, casual, familiar. And I really like that.

4. One to learn: The Classical Conversations Podcast
I haven't had time yet to really get into this one, but every time I listen to parts of episodes, it's always enriching. From what I've gathered, the creators of the podcast (in association with the Classical Conversations education organization) share lectures in the classical education model: lectures on classic books and how to understand them more fully, as well as more general classical-model lessons -- it's brilliant!

5. One to inspire: "The Goal Digger" with Jenna Kutcher
This was the podcast that opened me up to all the others, the first podcast I ever listened to and was genuinely interested in! Jenna is so fun and bubbly, and the people she bring on to the show, to share about entrepreneurship / starting your own small business are all such genuine, intelligent people. I always seem to learn a solid life lesson from each episode of this podcast, or at the very least a good reminder of some important concept I was forgetting. Really good for all creatives.

Do you listen to podcasts? What are some of your favorites?


  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I love "What Should I Read Next?" - billed as literary matchmaking, guests tell Ann Bogel (aka Modern Mrs. Darcy) 3 books they love and 1 book they hate and she gives them suggestions. An hour of bookish bliss.

    Truth for Life is also amazing - Alisdair Begg's sermons are rich and funny and challenging. He has a Scottish accent, which makes things fun. :)

    1. Kate,
      "What Should I Read Next?" sounds dreamy! Thanks for recommending! And I'd be hard-pressed to turn down a good sermon delivered in a Scottish accent. Thank you!

    2. Ditto! I was going to recommend BOTH of the ones Kate mentioned because they are my two very favorite!! (What are the odds??) When a friend recommended WSIRN I wasn't so sure about the idea but I'm absolutely addicted. Just keep a pen and paper handy to write down the MILLIONS of book suggestions (seriously, my reading list is growing exponentially).

  2. Man I loooove podcasts. I haven't heard as many non-fiction ones that aren't political (I very much like Ben Shapiro, for a balanced and fast-paced and logical take on things) but I'm trying to get more into this, so I've definitely added some of these onto my itunes. I know that the Sleeping At Last artist (have you not listened to Sleeping At Last? You gotta listen to Sleeping At Last) just started one, and it promises to be creative and soothing I'm sure.

    Feels Like Hope


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