First Semester at College | A Brief Recap (& photos!)

Thursday, December 21, 2017


It's been so long since I've written on this space, I hardly know how to begin. So much has changed; I have changed a bit, even, and I don't know how to really explain that with simple words on a keyboard. Life is much more than that, and if I could sit down and have coffee individually with each of you dear readers, know I'd do it in a heartbeat. I've missed this. I've missed you guys.


1. So, college.
Yeah, that happened! First semester was nothing like I expected -- and yet, so much better. I've met so many beautiful, amazing people and maybe even learned a thing or two in my classes (joking, joking). Michigan is a whole different kind of beautiful from Tennessee, and I've loved getting to observe the seasons changing in full bloom up north. We even had a full week of thick, fluffy, white, magical snow before I left to come home and I think it was worth the 18-degree mornings rushing out to class, all bundled up like an eskimo. 

2. What exactly are you doing there, again?
Journalism! And politics. I'm writing for the college paper (and also writing actual papers, not as fun) and actually getting credit for classes on the Constitution and American Political history. Is this real life???

Oh yeah. I still have gen. ed.'s to accomplish, so it's not all flowers and rainbows.

3. Michigan? Isn't that, like, the middle of nowhere?
In some ways, yes, it totally is. But the midwest vibe is really cool, and geographically, Michigan is beautiful. We have Ann Arbor for weekend trips and Canada and the Great Lakes are never more than an hour or so away, not to mention Chicago and Indianapolis are within a 5-hour radius. We're never at a lack for things to do. (And homework is a thing. It's not unlikely I'm spending an unhealthy amount of time in the library too. Oops.)

4. Fashion 
(You probably weren't actually wondering, but I'm going to tell you anyway. ;)
Though at my roots I'll always, always be Parisian in my style choices, it's been really fun to play around with the midwest vibe - I bought a denim jacket and it's been the lifesaver piece of the season, ha! I didn't even think a location could have so much influence on your style, but I could not have been more wrong. It's really fun, though, (healthy, I might even say!) to live in a different place and watch how your style morphs. And to observe those pieces that stay classic despite it all. Mm, I love it. 

5. Blogging??
Yeah, about that. I know already that if I didn't have time to blog last semester, I certainly won't this upcoming one: I'm adding quite a few more credit hours, and I know my grades are more important than my blog. Sad, but it is true. I'm not going anywhere long-term, however. At the very least, I'll definitely be popping up a post here and there on breaks, and I've already got plans in the works for Summer 2018. You've not got rid of me yet, unfortunately. ;) 

6. Shut up and show us some pictures.
Well, since you asked... ;)

ran my first 5K!

Road trip to the nearest Chickfila...1hr.30 away...
Michigan wins this Autumn thing.
Campus through the seasons...
Friendsgiving with a lot of the girls and guys! And the first snow, which was pretty magical.
of course, we couldn't have survived without lots of coffee!
^From that one Sunday we got really good at cribbage (and avoiding our homework.)

It's good to be back, for a little while. How have you all been? Are you ready for Christmas? (!!)



  1. I've missed you friend, but I love following you on insta ;)

  2. Oooh, happy 1st semester of uni! What a delight! Having just completed my first year at university, I feel similarly, honestly =). It's a great feeling and you feel like your world is so literally changing =). Beautiful photos! Merry Christmas!! God bless.

  3. So nice to see you again in this space! Glad to hear the school is going well ;) Merry Christmas!!

  4. I KNEW you'd love college! :) So excited for you. Let's grab coffee before break is over! <3

  5. This is so good to see! Isn't college so much fun? I know I'm having a blast, whether in the library or at CFA! :)

    1. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying college too, Madeline! Hope your next semester is equally successful! <3


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