Breaking Up The Same Old Winter Uniform // Best of Winter Sweaters

Monday, January 08, 2018

featuring the brooks' brothers cardigan I recently found for $5 at a thrift store...came home and found it had multiple moth holes. #facepalm
So many of my favorite stores are swimming with great sweaters right now, and since I'm shivering away in 19 degree weather, I put together a quick compilation of some of my favorites! I tried to include a good variety of price ranges, since I know not everyone (read: not me) can afford to spend upwards of $70 on a sweater on a regular basis. But some were too beautiful to not include!

I also wanted to find a wide variety of patterns, colors, and styles, since I always seem to get in a major clothing rut this time of year, bored of wearing a sweater and jeans every single day, and just wishing it were summer already! One of the easiest ways to combat that is with a couple of statement sweaters in your wardrobe - personally, I'm a huge fan of stripes, bold mustard, and (of course) the classy fitted turtleneck at the moment!

Do you find yourself getting stuck in a style rut this time of year too? What's your go-to winter look?


  1. I got a fitted turtleneck for Christmas and it changed my life.
    but seriously, I've gotten so tired of sweaters that I've started wearing short sleeved tops with light jackets or flannels over them to mix things up :)

    1. Fitted turtlenecks are a game-changer! They go with everything - I love mine! <3

      Thanks for stopping by. ;)

  2. I love your winter sweater selection. In style and very trendy.


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