(I'm really bad at writing bios.)

Hi there. I'm Carmel.* I'm a Christian, a writer, and a hardcore shoe-addict. Welcome to Carmel The Blog, also known as my fashion and lifestyle look book, where I share everything from outfit posts to fitness goals and travel guides, all under the focus of becoming classier modern women; to be graceful, powerful, and elegant.

I'm a believe in hard work. I am inspired by people like my father, like Casey Neistat, Karlie Kloss, Audrey Hepburn, Alexander Hamilton - as well as so many others throughout history (present and past) who have proven to be hard workers and go-getters. People who are successful don't become so because they have some sort of "luck" - they work hard, and they succeed on purpose. That's my life motto.

From there? I'm a lover of street style and big cities, black coffee and rich deserts, foggy mornings and soundtracks. I love classic literature, travel, photography, videography and graphic design. I love 80's music. I love orange juice. I love breakfast (and I could eat it for every meal). I love all things Parisian, New England, or British.

I love a lot of things, but most of all people - and particularly friends. So hey there, lovely reader: I hope you'll join the squad.

*Pronounced kar-MELLE, like the town in California. Not pronounced car-mull or kara-melle, like the sauce you put on ice cream.

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  1. I am so glad to have found your fab blog, you definitely have yourself a new follower!



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