I'm a firm believer in creatives supporting creatives! If you would like to collaborate with me, I'm open to any suggestions that fall within the interest-realm of this space (fashion, beauty, fitness, lifestyle). 

I do host guest posts every once in a while, and I'm always happy to guest post for other people! 

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If you think your product aligns with the purpose of this blog, send me an email here and let's chat about the idea! I'm happy to review any fashion, fitness, beauty or lifestyle product, so long as I feel it benefits the readership of this blog, and is something I genuinely want to support!

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-The Carmel blog reader is a young woman in pursuit of lifestyle excellence: she wants to look beautiful and feel confident. She's a student/recent graduate, looking to live affordably without sacrificing style. More than anything, she is graceful and kind.

-When I do a post in collaboration with a company, not only do I share links to your company here on the blog, I also share our collaboration across all my social media channels, always connecting with your brand so that you can maximize your reach!

-I will always give an honest review.

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