The Books

If you've hopped around a bit you may have realized I quite often mention Psithurism and Gumusservi, as well as other titles like Finding My Balance and Ryker + Starlyte. What are they? Who are they? What do they have to do with this blog? Shortly, they're all Novels In Progress. 

Second draft currently being written
Word Count Average: 75,000 and counting
The land of Vita Anima is unguarded, her ruler whisked away where no one knows, and the forest is watching.

Sequel to Psithurism, outlined.
Word Count Average: undefined
Some enchantments are deeper than others.

Finding My Balance
First draft written.
Word Count Average: 51,000
A personal novel on my life as a dancer.

What about Ryker + Starlyte? Just as small bud of an idea yet, but it will be a book soon. Check out the inspiration board here!

The idea is to one day publish; we'll get there yet, but in the meantime there's always writing going on -  and even if your not a writer, you're always welcome to read the snippets and comment your opinion. A book is nothing without a reader!

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  1. All of these stories sound really intriguing! I love your covers, too. :)


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